Master Mystery:The Magic Show of Life Itself Prt 2

Greetings Gonzo readers,

I’ve decided to contributed this to this site by writing down a story based on some life experience of myself. To give form and making reading easier, I will use one post which I will update twice weekly.
So this story will grow every week and I don’t know when it will be finished.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Master Mystery.. The magic show of life itself
Written by:  Jeroen Melis
Special thnx to my dad; the great magician of life

Master Mystery.. The magic show of life itself

Chapter 2 Written in flames

Saturday january 1st

I was still daze from the Bourbon and the song from the dream was playing tricks with my mind.
6 in morning, I’ve survived 2004, it wasn’t easy after all. I had to deal with many problems one of the biggest was the fact that my mom get sick again.

8 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctors weren’t positive about the results of the tests. Finally after many chemo cures she overcome this terrible disease. I can’t remember much from that period because I was too young to understand all the medical terms and procedures.

I only remember the good things and the fact she was losing hair so she was wearing a funny knitted cap. Every time when I finished school I went to hospital to visit her, making drawings to hang on those white walls. Every time I came by, she gave me lemonade  and together we watched stupid soap series on a cheap ass television. I did not obey the visitor times and I stayed until the lights have to go out.
Finally after 4 months she came back home.

Me, my father and my two brothers arranged a surprise for her. My father had the brilliant idea to paint the whole house before she came back, afresh start an new beginning. So we went to the local paint store and me and my brothers had to chose the new color. We couldn’t agree with each other so my father decided that we could take what we like. Every room a different color so everybody was happy.. (Poor mom)
After 2 days hard working we redecorate the whole house into a bright colored sugar barley..
We were so proud of the result, euphoric standing at the door “Welcome back MOM”

Things were getting normal again…

The unexpected happened… some people are lucky some are not..
Last year I was with some friends at the carnival parade when I got telephone from my aunt.
She told me I had to come home as quick as possible because something was not good with my mom. Dressed as a pirate I started running, I drank too much beer to drive so running was the best option. When shit hits the fan, I can be fast. During the run I dropped down as much equipment’s as possibly, the swinging sword, skeleton bandana, the earrings, I toke of my shirt so I was barely stripped naked.. The makeup was leaping over my face but I kept on running 3 miles in 30 minutes not bad for a drunken pirate.

At home my mom was laying on the couch, dressed like a fairy because she was also celebrating the same party. The party was over.. She told me she had incredible pain on her back and couldn’t move and breathing was painful. The ambulance was coming soon.
A few minutes later the nurses toke her to the nearest hospital, history repeated himself like a Greek tragedy. The cancer hidden in a Trojan Horse break through her immune system and this time there was no army of white soldiers strong enough to stop it…

After many hopeless remedies, my mom accepted the situation.
The sword of Damocles is hanging above her head now, but she is still brave, and every day she uses her creativity to find happiness in small things..

Yesterday we celebrated new years and I could see she was happy, even when she hit me with the napkin… I hope my dad will come today to visit her, they are not really together anymore, but they don’t hate each other either.
Last night my dad called but I think he was to drunk or something like that because I couldn’t understand anything. Just some strange sound.

“Hello dad,.. “

“This is the answering machine of; TOON,.. krr.. Leave a message after the beeb”

“hey dad I’m at uncle Nicks place, I will soon come into your direction, euh shall we meet at 12.OO.. Come to the Crowbar, I will be waiting there. By”

10.00 Slowly the house began to live again. I heard my brothers fighting in the bathroom and my aunt and uncle are preparing their selves to face daylight.
My mom is still snoring.

Perfect time to say goodbye and go back to my hometown for visiting my dad.

“Bye!! See you and thanks for the party” I shouted.

“Are you leaving already?” my aunt asked.

“Yes I have to visit my dad, Bye”

I walked outside to the garden to take my jacket, it was still freezing and the jacket was covered with a thin layer of ice. The nylon felt hard and cold.
I tried to ignore these side effects and I walked to the car in front of the streets.
“fuck” I said to myself while I was trying to get the ice of the window.
After 15 minutes of swearing and scratching the window was clear enough to look through.

If I bend my head a little bit to the left it’s possible to see the road.
The first miles will be the hardest, when the radiator is able to blew hot air this ice problem won’t bother me anymore..

Finally the air was getting warmer but this hot air was also blowing against my jacket.
The smell of fireworks filled the car, “It stinks like Hell”
The nose started to itch.. looking for a tissue I put my hand in the pockets.
Instead of tissues I felt a hard piece of paper.

I took it out it was the paper with the burned edges. I kept the paper in my right hand and moved the car to a safe place to stop. I had to take a closer look at this paper. I got a strong feeling that there was something wrong with it. This wasn’t just a piece of burned packaging.

I stopped at the carpool and looked to the paper.
there it stood written in flames:

T.h cwn s dEATH

Will be continued 😛


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