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Destroy All Monsters

February 27, 2016 Clayton Luce 0

  I’ve got this ache today. It’s the sinking feeling that I’m a forgotten cog in a well-oiled machine, or just that I’ve been had. Is there anybody else who wants out? Outside at night where I live in an ordinary middle class suburb, the whole street is dark except […]

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Loving-Kindness Affirmations : to make you fierce

February 14, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

  by Cliff Gogh A note from the Managing Editor: When Cliff Gogh asked if Gonzo Today would consider publishing his short audiobook about loving affirmations of kindness, this Editor’s first thought was “We don’t need no loving affirmations – We Are Outlaws!” The thought was presented. The idea was […]

The Cult of Nemesis-Part II

May 24, 2015 Donnie Casto II 0

The Cult of Nemesis: Part 2: Tale of the Reaper… (read Part One here) By Donnie Casto II The troubadour found himself troubled at the writing of the Nemeian acolyte. “How could such a cult gain such a following over the minds of mankind?” he wondered to himself. Turning around, […]

The Cult of Nemesis-Part 1

May 21, 2015 Donnie Casto II 0

The troubadour found himself in the midst of tombs and holy places where the soulless and dead were to rest. Deep in empty thought, where the souls of dead spoke in the flutter of the wind, a being clothed in scarlet robes with flaked dry and scaled skin dropped to […]