Loving-Kindness Affirmations : to make you fierce


by Cliff Gogh

A note from the Managing Editor: When Cliff Gogh asked if Gonzo Today would consider publishing his short audiobook about loving affirmations of kindness, this Editor’s first thought was “We don’t need no loving affirmations – We Are Outlaws!”

The thought was presented. The idea was slept on. The realization dawned: outlaws have heart – arguably, more heart than average law abiding citizens. It is heart that enables the outlaw to believe in themselves and to, against all odds, follow paths to greatness.

There is greatness within us, and hate can block the way. Self-hate can slam the brakes on life. The world in its normalcy will do us no favors. It will not teach us to love ourselves. We alone must beat this grainy, slogging pathway. We alone must part the reeds. We must step into our power.

“It’s a power meditation for Gonzo soldiers, the battle worn and the shell-shocked, to get in touch with the universe inside them, realize their universal worth, and re-engage with the things that need to be changed in society with the fierceness of self-confidence.” -Cliff Gogh


Cliff Gogh’s book Beyond the Furthest Edge of the Night is available here

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