Almost-Rape, American Tourists, and Pope Garbs

December 31, 2016 Clayton Luce 0

by Teddy Fuentes The Mexican Dream: Almost Getting Raped, American Asshole Tourists, and Nostalgia Dressed in Pope Attire. I was inside a home. This place was downtrodden but very enticing. White walls now a cream color. Brown stains like cigarette smoke made art, staining glass never meant to be seen […]

Jesus Christ: A Big White Lie

October 7, 2015 Kidman J. Williams 0

by: Kidman J. Williams We all know him.  Jesus Christ was our Lord and savior…right?  Well, that has to remain hearsay.  The technology just isn’t there yet to determine whether he was a deity of any kind or if Jesus was just another Bible-banger on a street corner yelling with a […]