Dear Lucifer, How About that Coronavirus?

April 7, 2020 Kidman J. Williams 0

by Kidman J. Williams, music editor – Dearest Lucifer, My dear Lucifer, Hi there Dark Lord, Hey brittle tits it is Kidman J. Williams! The fact is Lucifer, I’m not sure how to address you in the beginning of this letter. I don’t think it matters, I don’t think you […]

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Loving-Kindness Affirmations : to make you fierce

February 14, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

  by Cliff Gogh A note from the Managing Editor: When Cliff Gogh asked if Gonzo Today would consider publishing his short audiobook about loving affirmations of kindness, this Editor’s first thought was “We don’t need no loving affirmations – We Are Outlaws!” The thought was presented. The idea was […]