Johnny Sin: Album Review

Review by: Kidman J. Williams

Johnny Sin is a punk rocker from the mean cow patties of Wisconsin. Yes the cheese state. Sin’s sleazy guitar and hilarious lyrics propel the album in what can only be described as a fifteen day rum bender walking out of a dirty men’s room wiping the puke off its mouth into day sixteen on the Vegas Strip.

There are times during this album where you laugh out loud and there will be times during this album where you ask yourself, Wow! He went there?!?

Songs like the opening track, “Big Black Lesbians” is as offensive as you might think, but equally hilarious and quotable.

The song opens with a black woman yelping, “Oooo GIRL you got some fine titties!” Those words really set the whole tone for the song.

The song itself is about a lonely man going to what was known as a video store to check out black lesbian porn. You see back in the day every video store had a little room with swinging wooden doors that you went through to buy your shameful sex videos.

It is a lovely song about self love.

Other songs on the album like Anorexic Bitch, Broken Hearts Psycho Bitches, and Jurassic Jugs should tell you, the listener, what kind of ride you are in for.

There is a real stand out track on this gem. The last track on the album entitled Under a Moonlight in Vegas; much different than the second track, Girls on Vegas Blvd or any of the other ones on this album.

This track is the beautiful rose amongst a bunch of perverted dandelions trying to gang bang your lawn. It is a sweet song reminiscent of 70’s Lou Reed. It has the same somber sounds that the Velvet Underground had with Sweet Jane.

Overall, Johnny Sin is highly entertaining in the over the top GG Allin kind of a way. He takes you on a ride through the darker and more embarrassing parts of the human experience with a disgusting sense of humor.

This material is not for everybody. It couldn’t be. But the cult following that Sin has already garnered is a loyal and funny crowd. If you are just looking to have some dirty laughs at a poker game, this is the punk music for you.

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Track Listing

Big Black Lesbians

Girls on Vegas Blvd

Ladies of the Night

Streets of Sin

My City of Satan

Anerexic Bitch

Burned By Love Again

Broken Hearts Psycho Bitches

Knockin on Hell’s Door

Jurassic Jugs


Under a Moonlight in Vegas