Flash-fable Cinderella Continues


by Lorri Primavera

Cinderella was not getting along with Prince Charming, so she asked for her old job back as an unappreciated servant. Her stepmother had died recently and she knew her stepsisters were not doing very well. They couldn’t keep up with the housework and bills and so forth. They gave her the room in the attic, which was her previous room. She was satisfied. She really didn’t want to go back to the life of royalty. It was disagremanding. Eventually Cinderella took over the running of the household legally and in every other way. However, she set her step sisters up in a comfortable two bedroom in the next town. They were too ignorant to leave helplee. As months turned into years, Cindy started enjoying her freedom. She was also starting to enjoy the house she remembered from childhood. Not the house run by her stepmother.  She took such delight in garorking outside, painting the walls and doing other odd jobs around the place. She invited Peter Charming over for dinner sometimes. She relished their time together.  She was so surprised when he had jumped out of bed early one morning to throw an egg at a loud passing carriage. He could be so spontaneous and lively!  Their relationship had never been better. Onday Cindy woke up and wanted Pete out of her house. She told him nicely, but he was still pissed. He left and they eventually got a divorce. Cindy started dating and then married her neighbor. He died after a couple of years and Cindy acquired his property legally and in every other way. She lives alonily, but some days Prince Charming comes by for coffeekies.

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