A Theory on Negativity


On Negativity

I recently learned a lesson. That negativity sucks.

This sounds like a pretty simple lesson. Especially the way in which I presented it. But really, the concept that negativity is a suckish element which should henceforth be banished from our outlook and for SURE, our communication????


That’s hard. Very hard.

It’s hard to know you’re doing it. “It” being, being negative. It’s hard to realize you’re being negative. Because I don’t think that being negative is a choice. It is a gradient which we create for ourselves to fulfill a need we have somewhere in us. A need we cannot find another satisfaction for.

So much of our lives work in gradients. Think: concentration gradient. The simple chemistry and biology of Life, the whole reason a heart can beat, is through the flow of gradients. Potassium channels. Sodium channels. Hydrogen channels. Ions pumping in, ions pumping out.

What makes them go out? Concentration. Just like smoke rising and disappearing into the air, energy is literally defined as the flow of particles from a highly crowded space to a less crowded space. Our membranes just accomplish this so miraculously in musical tone with each other that they create sparks of electricity which can power a heart to pump oxygen and glucose containing blood to a brain with a stem rooted so deep down to our diaphragm that it tells our lungs to breathe, bitch!! Bitches! Breathe!

And that’s why people say breath is so important. Breath is where it starts. Breath is where it ends. And in the end, breath is just the removal of concentrated carbon monoxide particles and the replacement with oxygen particles. Breath is a gradient. And now this pattern I’ve been describing just became a circle.

It becomes a natural, compulsive feeling for us to create a hole in us so that particles will come in. But in order to create that vacuum, we must first release a lot of negative energy. This feels good to us. It feels like we’re telling someone with the boo-boo ice kit where it hurts.

But in reality, all we’re doing is emitting negative energy. And here’s where different Laws of Physics and well, Magick, comes in.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, says physics. In this case, the action we are committing is letting out negativity, and the equal and opposite reaction, is to be given positive enforcement. That’s a Physics Law we know. That’s a Physics law we expect.”

Magick says that whatever you put out comes back times three.

And in the case of negativity, that rule generally wins.

And that is why negativity sucks. So next time you’re about to be negative, just breathe instead. It works.

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