Snoop Dogg Performed in Austin and Sadly We Didn’t Smoke Weed Together


by Autumn en Austin

IMG_2884Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. aka Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion played ACL Live at the Moody Theater on October 23rd, 2015. His opening acts were a comedian named Dave Hill and KP and the Boom Boom, a local Austin Soul band. I was positioned amongst a sea of mostly Caucasian folks, smashed against a metal rail, enduring the terrible stench of B.O. from the drunk hippie chick next to me patiently awaiting Snoop’s on stage arrival.

Dave Hill is a terrible fucking comedian. His guitar playing was significantly better than his bullshit comedy. I can honestly say that everyone in my approximate vicinity was ready for him to shut the fuck up. During his brief stint on stage, he discussed how a homeless woman once told him that his ‘pussy stank.’ I think she was referring to his comedy. From his obnoxious suit, to his 80’s hair, he reminded me of James Spader vis-a-vie the movie Pretty in Pink.

KP and the Boom Boom are, according to their website, “reinventing soul for a new generation.” Okay, I’ll buy it. However, they weren’t my cup of tea. The band itself consisted of a very eccentrically dressed skinny female singer, presumably KP, another skinny backup singer and a 6 piece band. The most notable thing about this band was their talented keyboard player who doubled on the xylophone, tambourine, hand congas, and their drummer, who fit the bill of lumbersexual to a T.

The band ran through an array of original songs, stopping to include a very interesting remake of the Prince of Bel-Air, which showcased the talent of their saxophone player. Growing ever impatient to see Snoop on stage, I honestly didn’t keep up with their songs, but I do remember one of them repeating the word Progression over and over again, which really got on my last nerve. I will say that maybe in a different setting and definitely not after having to listen to a terrible comedian, I might give this band another try.

After 45 minutes and another pathetic attempt to make the crowd laugh by Dave Hill, Snoop Dogg finally graced the crowd with his presence. My middle school girl from 1994 was giddy with antici……wait for it……pation! Snoop opened with California Love and quickly moved through a brief 45 minute set.

 Note: The middle school girl from 1994 was really fucking disappointed that she didn’t get to sing along to Lodi Dodi. I was fucking denied!

As the show progressed, some of the songs performed were not Snoop originals. The ever eclectic 44 year old rapper included the hook portion of I Love Rock-n-Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and performed a less-than-enthusiastic version of Jump Around by House of Pain. And, somewhere in the middle, we heard his version of Jamming by Bob Marley.

Not unexpectedly, Snoop professed his love and adoration for his “nigga’s” Biggie Smalls and Tupac, stating “We love you and we miss you. R.I.P.!” The rapper also revealed that he had brought a gift in honor of his friend Willie Nelson, the Patron Saint of the Moody Theater, and lit up a blunt alongside his on-stage mascot Nasty Dogg. As the distinct smell of marijuana wafted through the crowd the show drew to a close. Snoop sang the singing part of Young and Wild-N-Free and stopped to blow kisses to the ladies in the front row. Snoop quickly dropped off his golden microphone to his roadie and exited stage. Personally, I was glad the show was over.