Cold Wind Calling – Circadian – album review

By: Kidman J. Williams

Using music with spoken word poetry is not a new concept in the music world, but some people just do it better than others.  So is the case with Cold Wind Calling’s Circadian.  Sometimes this music can come off very pretentious and self-absorbed.  Alex Zarek’s lyrics in these songs actually talk to you on a personal level and of course they entertain you like any good album should do.

Cold Wind Calling actually takes the spoken word a step further.  They add beautiful music and real lyrical hooks that get stuck into your head after the first chorus.  The track where this becomes as obvious as a brick to the cortex of your brain is track 7.  Bad Habits features the gorgeous singing hook of Laura Burke and a soulful piano that would make Alicia Keys a little jealous.

The song speaks to you on a personal level that everyone can understand…heartbreak.  It is a popular subject in music because we all need that help to stitch up our hearts somehow.  I myself have seen heartbreak and I have also backslid to a lover.

The next track that really stands out on this spoken word journey is “The Best Thing” featuring the beautiful guitar and singing of Jaclyn Heuser.  The Best Thing features all the best things of music, crossing genres like spoken word, metal, good chick rock and most of all feeling!

This song, I could be wrong, sounds like young love.  Young love is what really shapes your adult relationships.  It is a time when everything is so on fire!  Your emotions, lust, love, and nobody can tell you any different.  It is your everything, until you lose it.  Then you look back on it with a fond heart and wonder…can you ever feel that again?

Driftwood featuring Alex Johnson delivers a great guitar rhythm that propels you through the journey of a man desperate to give his heart to a girl that seems to have thrown it away like a dead hamster.  We have all been there and we have all had that light come back into our souls.

Alex Zarek’s desperate lyrics always seem to have a real light at the end of the tunnel.  Despite how hopeless it seems he proves that it too shall pass.  If there was more music like this in Popular music maybe things wouldn’t always look so ridiculous and narcissistic.

Stop watching little pop twits shaking their booties on your YouTube on mute and take a listen to music again, because we all know they are on mute.  Cold Wind Calling’s Circadian is a true lyrical masterpiece and a musical love affair.

Album Cover Art (Cold Wind Calling)
Album Cover Art (Cold Wind Calling)

Track Listing:

1. Circadian

2.  A Different Piece Of Me Is Cast In


3.  Retrograde Amnesiacs

4.  Fingerprints

5.  Visions (Ft. Joshua McKenney)

6.  A Different Place of Me Is Cast Into the Ocean With Every       Changing Season

7.  Bad Habits (Ft. Laura Burke)

8.  You (Ft. Marty S. Dalton)

9.  Wartorn

10.  Comatose Overdose (Ft. Grantonic)

11.  The Best Thing (Ft. Jaclyn Heuser)

12.  Philosophy in Life (Cold Wind Calling x Grantonic BONUS TRACK)

13.  Conniption Fit (BONUS TRACK)