A word about Racism and the Color of Tyranny

It seems my recent pieces regarding David Hooks and comments about Eric Garner have incited some to the idea I’m trying to ‘stir up’ things by picking and choosing not to discuss black on black crime, police officers getting shot, or just being an obedient slave and allow cops to randomly harass me when they approach me.

What followsare my comments on these issues as well as a statement.

I don’t give one drop of moose piss about skin color. It’s irrelevant to me. The abuse of state and police power is more than about melatonin make-up in the human body. It’s an issue of justice and reason that equally applies to all human beings. If you, the reader have the sole fallacy response of race or skin color, might I recommend in the future a nice warm cup of “shut the fuck up with the paradigm and resist your masters in the media, politics, and the pulpit.”

I’m not making this a racial issue. I honestly don’t care if Eric Garner was neon pink with blue stripes.

Same goes with David Hooks, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice,John Crawford III, and Kelly Thomas. I shared a link by TMOT on my page highlighting the evident fact of black on black crime, and again; I could care less what color the skin is. This is a simple issue of state power trumping individual rights that protect you and I from unwarranted stops, searches, and in most cases, an ass beating from out of control police, (officers who I might add in the case of Garner and the 12 year old boy shot in Cleveland,) both had prior records for either mental instability or violations of their oaths as officers.

The facts we do know is that Eric Garner had just broken up a fight. At no point was he detained, or charged. The selling cigarettes is an accusation, and one I’ll wager money on, is bulls**t by the NYPD to cover their ass. Had this man known his constitutional rights in dealing with the police, maybe the outcome might have been different. I don’t deny there are men and women of integrity and honor who wear a police badge. However there are also sociopaths out there with the Barney Fife mentality that are prone to use violence.

As far as wanting to “stir up people”, yeah, guilty as charged. I’m tired of seeing corrupt bastards believing that a badge and a title of officer grants them immunity and privileges to abuse their office and duty to protect and serve, not choke and shoot. I’m tired of an apathetic society who cares more about Kim Kardashian’s ass, the next American Idol, or the latest sports rankings than the fact that these cops, politicians, judges, and media whores perpetuate state power and the mantra we’re free to do as we are told to, whilst the very same crimes they will imprison or kill one of us for they get a free pass.

I’m tired of the Sharpton’s, Jackson’s, and other pulpit pimps using the “word of God” and the race card to divide a wedge between human beings whose sole difference is the makeup of melatonin they have. This is an issue of the rule of reason and justice against tyranny and oppression. And the lines are being drawn. Red, yellow, white, or black neither will mean a goddamn thing if you stand on the wrong side of justice and society.


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