The Capital Theatre

January 14, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by Robert Oldenburg The Capital Theatre was undoubtedly the nicest building in town. Few locals would debate it. It was one of the few buildings that could still be dated back to a more prosperous time. When, with the first moments of the town’s inception not far removed, the monies […]

Ginger Gone Bitter

January 11, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by Christopher Joyce Taken from Chapter 6, Ginger Gone Bitter, out of Canal Days… (a Celebration of Counterfeit Dreams…),  I celebrated my eighteenth at home with Ginger, Haddie, Jack, and Jordan. It was supposed to be a quiet party, just Haddie, Jack, Ginger, myself, and good old fashioned weed, beer, […]

The Blues Ain’t Dead

January 7, 2015 Rob Azevedo 0

By: Rob Azevedo The sound coming from inside The Woodpecker Lounge was a mixture of brilliance and raw nerve.  Last Breath’s legendary blues man, Dick Zaino, was setting off rockets with his red Stratocaster, gassing through songs about guilt and suffering, belting out one after another, looking lean and tanned, his hair slicked sweet, eyes […]

Without Google, I’m Only Half as Smart

January 5, 2015 Cade Leary 0

By Maven Cade Leary “God Dammit! Not Again!” I cursed at the world, grateful in the knowledge no sane God could possibly be listening to my bullshit. And even if one could be, it is highly unlikely that he/she would be. Between me and the seven or whatever billion humans […]

Escaping Uganda

January 5, 2015 David Pratt 0

by David Pratt Until recently I sold cars for a living. I wasn’t very good at it. I don’t possess the right mercenary spirit, cutthroat ambition and proper lack of ethics to take full advantage of people. I have principles. I am all about honesty and equity, and my empathy usually lies […]

Trouble in Nova Scotia

January 2, 2015 Rob Azevedo 0

By Rob Azevedo It was sometime in late August 2000 when we drove off that boat ramp into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, ready to begin our lives together, legally, as a committed couple. It should have been the time of our lives. After a stellar ceremony on Cape Cod where friends […]

The Logic of Love or Lack Thereof

December 28, 2014 Donnie Casto II 0

By: Donnie Casto II “Women aren’t logical, that’s why they make no sense.” said Julius. For the past five minutes he had went on about the common situation I imagine most couples go through at some point and now it seemed that due to a potentially lost flash drive that […]

Hate-fucking: American Style

December 23, 2014 Kidman J. Williams 0

By: Kidman J. Williams It was around 1PM when Woody and I woke up in a post-drunken haze on my couch. I was awakened by the sadistic ramblings of Rachael Ray blaring through the speakers of my 55 inch plasma screen. Woody had been stirring for a minute or two […]