The Pilgrim

February 27, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

artwork by Steven Joseph Osuchowski by Eric Pahel My flight had landed, and after a short detainment to determine the nature of my stay and check for any past associations which may have implicated me in some past deviance, I was permitted to continue. While they were unable to find any suspicious associations, they […]


February 25, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by  R.R. Oldenburg On the floor of the living room in the rented duplex sat a beige floral patterned couch, a matching chair, and a big tube television on its own wooden legs. In front of the television rested a coffee table with a juice box and a coffee mug sitting on […]

Strangers in the day. Allies by night.

February 23, 2015 Cade Leary 0

artwork copyright© 2015 joeyfeldman, all rights reserved By Maven Cade Leary What kind of a society do we live in that our rare moments of truth are nearly only to be found in drug induced adventures of the most meaningless significance? Where can we go to find meaning beyond […]

Nothing is Something Else

February 8, 2015 David Pratt 0

by David Pratt Darby had their number. The bastards. They weren’t going to get away with it this time. He ratcheted down South Main dragging his bum leg, digging himself in the shop windows bent against the wind in a coat too thin and the ass of his pants all […]

Waiting for the Man

February 7, 2015 kris khatchikian 0

by Kris Khatchikian “Is that him”? “No,” I whispered in an aggressive tone, “don’t point!” slapping his hand down with a quick flash. “Do you know how to act, goddamnit” This was strange territory, unfamiliar faces, a stench of previous crimes and an electricity that something illegal and possibly evil […]

Decisions in Vegas

February 7, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

by Tony X Stanton I was sitting alone at 3am on a weeknight in the Bourbon Bar in Las Vegas. Well, not technically alone.  I was sitting with 3 off duty dancers/strippers, a guy dressed as a bad 80’s heavy metal cliche from one of the shows and a great […]

Saying Goodbye

January 27, 2015 Donnie Casto II 0

by Donnie Casto II “I don’t believe in fairy tales, because there is no happily ever after in life.” The words hit him harder than a sucker punch to the stomach. Life broke everyone to a degree, but to hear such a statement from a child whose biggest worry should’ve been […]


January 19, 2015 Rob Azevedo 0

by Rob Azevedo Dear Willy, Jenny told me you called the other night. You sounded beaten, like someone had taken a rivet gun to your insides.  And before she had the chance to tell me you got laid off from your rugging job, I knew life had you licking the curb.  There was […]