Lost in Westwood

March 4, 2015 Kyle K. Mann 0

Art by kristjan By: Kyle K. Mann They almost wouldn’t let me check in at the Westwood Holiday Inn. I was dressed in faded jeans and a Hawaiian shirt, and didn’t have a credit card. Having had little sleep in days didn’t help my looks or attitude. And I was […]

Waiting for the Next 9-11

February 24, 2015 Kyle K. Mann 0

by Kyle K. Mann “Imagine the Big One hits right now. What do you think will happen?” I was seated with a buxom friend at a trendy Sunset Avenue sidewalk cafe at dusk. I’ll call her “Ms. Gonzo,” since I can’t describe her beyond that for reasons I can’t explain […]

The Super Choke

February 7, 2015 Kyle K. Mann 0

by Kyle Mann It was 1992 when I got around to trying dimethyltryptamine. I smoked just one hit of the stuff, way out on the back end of Maui near Kipahulu, and the staggering intensity of the experience made me want to forgive everyone for everything. Even my childhood enemy, […]