The 2014 Elections are Over

Drugs, Sex and Forced Sodomy

By Clayton L. Luce

The Elections are over now, and the vote-pimps have receded back into dark-wet corners and underground bunkers and big pink Cadillac’s, with signs like “VOTE OR DIE” or “I’LL BREAK A LEG FOR THE GOP” crudely taped onto tinted windows. They are silent for now, licking their wounds and sleeping off victory hangovers.

The winners won big this year and the losers lost bigger.

Obama and his administration of Black Panthers was beaten like cheap whores by the GOP which dusted off its national chest of Nazi propaganda pamphlets and united the White Power base into a righteous frenzy which spilled into the voting booths like mustard gas and sent honest voters fleeing the polling places like rats. The word “change” has become cheap, and no one is listening to the Party Lines anymore. Congress is now back in the hands of the Far Right, which is in effect the Far Left with the God-factor and the Jesus vote.

Politics has become a depraved system of high dollar ad campaigns and fat-cat lobbyists with giant sacks of money which they use to buy votes, politicians and child sex slaves whenever possible.

In truth, the whole voting process has become some sort of reality TV show, with rappers, junkies and expensive Hollywood whores all jabbering through plastic teeth and begging for votes like crack cocaine junkies. Strippers drop campaign cards out of their vaginas onto the salad plates of customers with slogans like “SPREAD the VOTE,” and fat-greasy car salesmen go door to door handing out tracks and kicking down the doors of black voters.

To vote for the wrong party in the wrong town is now a very serious problem, and more than a few voters have had their legs broken with baseball bats or been set on fire by the Brown Shirts for forgetting to vote “No” to the abolition of hate.

The only good news in politics today was the victory of the Drug Culture and the relentless march of Marijuana Reform which publicly flogged the Federal Government by legalizing recreational grass in Washington D.C.

Colonel Leonard actually smashed through the wall of a local school system during a crowded assembly, waving a giant metal cane and threatening to abuse the children. “They can’t legalize pot!” he screamed, “And in D.C.! For Christ’s sake, that’s where the President lives!” He spent the next several hours ranting about the need for stronger criminalization and menacing the crowd with his nasty little Colt .45 pistol.

Alaska and Oregon have now voted “YES!” for legalization and the Fed remained ominously silent in light of it all. Apparently Obama was whisked away by aliens months ago anyway, and his stunt double isn’t allowed to speak on account of his thick British accent.

Arkansas Lieutenant Governor hopeful and Democrat John Burkhalter was defeated by Republican Tim Griffen  after allegations that Burkhalter  had previously been employed as a male stripper.

“I can’t see the harm in it,” one resident was reported as saying; “all of them are prostitutes up there anyway, so I can’t well hate him for actually being honest about it.”

Now that the GOP has wrestled back control of congress we will see who the true bastards are. One way or the other, evil will win in 2014 and Jesus has little chance of winning back the vote in ’16 – especially since he is poor and hated by the Jews and Christians alike. Only the blacks will vote for him again, and Whitey seems intent on taking back that right as soon as humanly possible now that they feel they have proven and even admitted that the only thing worse than having a murderous, war-mongering Nazi in the White House is having a dupe-puppet that just so happens to also be a nigger.

I will stay indoors this year. The American landscape has become too treacherous, and I have no idea which side of the fence I am on in terms of the race issue – which is now the primary issue, and the fact that my lover is also a Puerto Rican with African and German blood has not helped my situation.

The race-pimps don’t know how to handle me, and White America would have me strung up by the toes and flogged in a public square in full view of the crowd. It is best, I think, that I pander to both sides and then, at the last possible moment, burn all of the bastards and flee south to Brown Country.

Either way, politics is doomed and so are we… especially if we are opposed to Violence, Racism and Forced Sodomy.


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