I am a Stranger Here

I am an alien here.
This terrestrial sphere is not my home. This land is not mine.
My home is in the bottom of a bottle.
I am a stranger here.

I am a stranger here.

I see all of these faces, and I hate them all for not seeing me back,
Because I am not born of this place,
This land is not my land….
I am an alien here.


I am a drunk. Sometimes I am an alcoholic.
Sometimes I am a pothead.
Sometimes a fiend.

I am not from this place and this land is not mine.

I am a stranger here.


I am a stranger here.
No mercy for the weak.
No hope for the poor.
No forgiveness for sinners, there is no love here.

Only hate.

I am a stranger here.


I like whores.
You know, the pretty ones on the internet;
The ones who don’t talk back because they are not paid to.
They just spread their legs and let me in.
I see them but they can’t see me.
Just like everyone else, but not for free.

Strangers are welcome there.

And I am a stranger here.


I am a stranger here.
Whiskey on my breath and stubble on my chin,
I am not a pretty man.
I will not be on the cover because I am not beautiful here.
I have no voice. No pen. No book. No soul.


I am flesh and bones and grit and dirt.
I am a stranger here.

When I walk down the street I see fear.
They talk big but they are small.
I am a stranger here.


Are you a stranger too?


When I speak, no one hears, when I write no one reads,
When I cry only the wind cries back.
I am a stranger here.

And when I die I will no longer cling to this place.

I will soar like Jesus, but only I won’t come back.
I have left a sea of tears here,

All you need is a boat and you can ride my fears.
Through the currents of rejection you will find yourself drifting.
A stranger here.

You will find yourself in me.
And you will be a stranger here.

And together we will be strange there.

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