Obama and the Death of Fast Cars

This morning President Obama woke up from a long nap deep underground Washington D.C., in a heavily fortified bunker, and pushed a button. Moments later mournful shrieks were heard all over Detroit slums and middle class compounds, and General Motors set an army of heavily armed attorneys into court to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

The Obama Administration announced that this was a “quick get in and get out” strategy on behalf of the United States Treasury Department to nationalize the entire automobile industry and to feed the scraps to greedy hustlers and money pimps in Ivory Palaces around the world.

Among the new owners of the old money GM Corporation are the Canadian Government, the United States Treasury and selected bondholders and gangsters who have already long since fled the country heavily armed and dangerous for more fertile grounds abroad.

Among those left are major transnational corporations all frothing at the mouth to unite the entire Western Hemisphere into an American Union to mimic the feudal European Union which has turned eastern Europe into one giant dictatorship run by hereditary inbred Swine.

I didn’t pay much attention to anything else in the National Press today. The whole spectacle is too terrible to watch.

The entire country has turned into a neo-political circus run by Wizards and devil-worshippers, and Henry Kissinger’s alien half-bred political offspring and vampires. The once proud General Motor Company has been reduced into a beaten-down, 3rd rate “green car” pusher. Long gone are the days of the GTO and Firebird and Chevy muscle cars. Speed and old fashioned Brute Force are no longer acceptable terms in the automobile industry today.