Monsters on the Campus

July 31, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

By David Busboom art copyright Josh Chambers The thing began as a five-word text message: COME TO THE DOUDNA STEPS. I was down in Thomas Hall, working on a very tense and depressing one-act play for class, and after a week or so on the project I needed some excuse […]

Two Dogs and a Kitten

July 31, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

By Marc D. Goldfinger The first thing I noticed after hugging the kids and wiping the tears away was the mound of plastic garbage bags in the middle of the living room—and the smell. The two big dogs circled around the garbage pile.  I saw my daughter creeping under a […]

Studs Terkel 1967 HST Interview

July 29, 2015 David Pratt 0

In 1967, Hunter S. Thompson sat down with  author, historian, and broadcaster Studs Terkel on WFMT radio in Chicago. Below is the transcript, in two parts. Audio tracks have vanished. PART ONE

Fear and Loving in Montreal

July 29, 2015 Tony-X-Stanton 0

By Tony X Stanton I stood on the terrace having a quiet smoke at 11pm with only  6 empty chairs and 3 tables for company.  Standing in the shadows beside a taped off area with a pool that seemed to be full of green slime.  Just being within ten feet […]