22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer

January 2, 2015 Clayton Luce 0

Renowned author Stephen King writes stories that captivate millions of people around the world and earn him an estimated $17 million a year. In his memoir, “On Writing,” King shares valuable insights into how to be a better writer. And he doesn’t sugarcoat it. He writes, “I can’t lie and say […]

The Sheep and The Iconoclasts

January 2, 2015 johanngalloway 0

johann galloway I remember leaning on the sill of my grandma’s open living room window in Nurnberg, Germany back in 1990. The final game of the World Cup just ended. The secluded and normally quiet street below was filled with revelers shouting and chanting the team anthem as if they had […]

Trouble in Nova Scotia

January 2, 2015 Rob Azevedo 0

By Rob Azevedo It was sometime in late August 2000 when we drove off that boat ramp into Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, ready to begin our lives together, legally, as a committed couple. It should have been the time of our lives. After a stellar ceremony on Cape Cod where friends […]