DA DEVILS PLAYGROUND: hardcore underground rap punx & death metal

by Alex Severino

Violent thoughts and satanic ambitions; branding skin with marks of malevolence. Sounds of the scream replace the composed voice. Staccato syllables conjure visions of death, depression, and deceit. Sexualized scenes of lyrical synapsis; tales of talismanic possessions utilized as weapons to destroy the accuser’s adversary. Censorship of words discarded; a stream of consciousness released with audacious pursuits at influence. Powerful bass thundering war-cry-esque performances. Broken bodies covered in tattoo, and against the status quo stylings of hair more closely related than the clothes.

The music has become journalism. The anthems of the audience. An audience of majority still based in their youth. There is something surreal about a young one spilling out so much creativity within such a little compacted space in time. And then for them to have the awareness that is has just begun. They may very well be young bluesmen in the making. Maybe even Rasta man in the waking. Time will tell; a true artist is forever changing.

You might find a performance in a night club down the street, or at a dive bar across the river. It could be called, The Ritual Chamber, in quotes, “where most leave satisfied and indulged.” The mothers watching through a crystal ball might cringe, but this is what their children need. This is what they want. The house show is finding its way into venues. The savage dance is leaving the street. The night is quiet until the music ends.

The level of progression has aged with the times, and technology has worked somewhat like an Egyptian tuning fork. Dialing in frequencies and tones to create masterminded beats for the wordsmith to translate, and the musicians to allude to far mightier concepts.  Channeling their emotions instinctively from their primal animalistic core, they capture the essence of its release through use of recording machines. There is a momentum behind this music that has never before been seen. It is dangerous and god damn exciting.

A schism on the surface level is skin color. It is intriguing to examine both black and white expression intertwine and link up to almost make one consider they originated from the same source. The angst of youth and the disobeying of the established order.

The earth is chaotic, and we have the voice to translate.



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