Riders of the Storm

How Christopher Cantwell became Neo, awakening me from the paradigms of the Founding Fathers

By: Donnie Casto II

It’s a gray, dreary and rainy day here in Columbus, Ohio. A freezing rain and an evident razor blade wind makes itself known outside the window. My more spiritually in tune friends have often highlighted to me that what can be seen and heard with our eyes and ears, reflects that which can only be seen and heard with the third eye and the heart.

Were we to keep in mind that premise, it’s likely safe to assume for this moment- in the annals of our nation’s history- that we stand in the midst of the winds of a great change. The evident slow death of the second greatest gift the divine powers endowed mankind with next to love- Reason and Conscience.

This is now a society that perpetuates the “Golden Rule” of conduct, while turning a blind eye to its basic ethical morality- all to justify base animal acts with the paradigms that have been used since the foundation of America to terminate and undermine it.

In a nation founded on the ideals of justice, reason, freedom, liberty and hope- we have excused and confined those ideals at the expense of loss of life. We have exchanged them for lawlessness, corruption, bigotry and favoritism to titles, positions and privilege.

The heel of tyranny that pushes on the throat of one of us, inevitably becomes the same heel on the necks of us all. Injustice is blind to race, religion, creed, sexual orientation and politics. Like the Grim Reaper, it truly gives not one damn to whose head is cut short on the thread of life.

Pulpit pimps promise divine love, protection and salvation while returning nothing more than the rubbing of their own ‘blessings’ into the faces of the faithful.

Justice, a lady whose blindness grants liberty and virtue to all without discrimination, is limited to inept talking points on the media by power hungry politicians and law enforcement spokesmen.  They continually redefine liberty as the freedom of obedience. Now Justice implies being a good citizen-for the collective good-and snuffing out the divine rights and freedoms inherent to each and every individual.

Madness, rage and the blinders have fallen off the eyes of the idealist who once had blind faith in the lessons and principles of men like Washington, Paine, Jefferson, Adams and Henry.

The words of a new founder seen in a YouTube video lighting a copy of the Declaration of Independence on fire now rings with a new truth of Ink and Rage in my mind today:

“You don’t need this shit, you’re better than this.”

“Asshole”, “Atheist”, “Anarchist” are some of the self-proclaimed titles and labels of the English language used by one Christopher Cantwell to describe himself. A man that has stayed the course in what may well be the new philosophy that will save America and ensure the lives of every man, woman and child in this rat race of a nation:

“No self-respecting male should even acknowledge the State as a legitimate institution; much less give it more control over his life.”

These are words that beg each of us to make a declaration of ourselves.

I would not make a pledge or statement of senseless violence but perhaps I should echo the words of this new Neo in the thought of freedom as well as the moral and ethical body politic. It’s time to declare that which no pen or paper can grant to us… true Liberty and the moral responsibility to justify it on a personal basis.

The train of abuses perpetuated by the state and institutions of the church, courts and media have forfeited the alleged ‘social contract’ we have been empowered with. For the better part of the beginning of what was the ‘Ron Paul rEVOLution,’ my mind and hopes wanted to continue to carry the torch that is the virtue and moral compass our Republic was founded on. The evident reality is that a seed- a tree of rage, individualism and the right to defend what no one or any paper could declare- was planted.

While some would find offense in the posts, commentary and videos posted by Mr. Cantwell, I for one see the writing on the wall. That being the needed kick in the balls that society needs if we are to survive this war- brought on by soulless machines who have become the collective terminators against the John Connor’s of today.

We no longer have Hunter S. Thompson among us today. What we do have is a select few men and women in the field of public outreach, media and social networking. They are doing their part to awaken the Ink and Rage that was the foundation of a New Order of Journalism. It is a philosophy and a way of thought that contends that the Bastards of this world forfeited any contract with their fellow man long ago. Perhaps the Gonzo in all of us would do well to give a listen and openly consider the message of salvation that the Christopher Cantwell’s of today offer.

If there is to be true justice and peace in the generation of my sons and daughter, then I will gladly pay the price- and accept the declared war the Bastards have wrought down on us.

Shall we begin?


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Donnie Casto II is a senior staff writer for Gonzo Today. He has lived in the tri-state area of West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky. Along with his work at Gonzo Today, he is also a tireless advocate for The Fathers Rights Movement in Ohio and Supporters of Ohio Equal Parenting, which promote family law reform and equal custody rights for fathers. He is the proud father of three children: Elijah, Victoria, and Michael. He has an Associates Degree in Business and is currently on break from his Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.