Bill Hicks was right about everything

Bill Hicks was right about everything!

Born on December 16, 1961 in the land of the caveman and the land of the zealots…in the Reagan era where baby-boomers and Christian contemporaries shaped and destroyed any chance we had of a future worth living in this failed country of the United States of Amnesia.  Bill Hicks was the genius that could see the future better than any human at the time and made a living off of laughs and mental midgets with his ability to see the truth. He possessed the courage to talk about things that others wouldn’t. He was more than a revolution, he was a paradigm shift.

Like few of us, he started finding his chops as a kid before he even saw the beauty of the muff guarding a precious meat wallet.  While kids were dating and playing Bill was educating a crowd full of smoke and booze.  Commanding a stage and amidst the conformed rights, had the city of Houston selling out his show every night. Then off to LA; time to start this journey right before drugs and alcohol entered his system performing every night.

Two nights in, performing with the “Flying Saucer Tours”, Introduced to shrooms before Tequila, he never had a fucking Coors.  Out to the country, fasting three days in advance, his consciousness was expanding and the fuckers didn’t stand a chance.  The chosen ones are chosen, and Bill was one…starting to see what’s on the other-side. His life has just begun.

So he makes his way back to the South, a new addict and a man. He found out that he was important and he’s trying to understand. A comic is a true genius that has to be a voice for the people that can’t see the truth and won’t use their own fucking voice…or heads for that matter.

He seen his voice was slipping from debauchery and the booze.  Final straw was the fight that left him hobbled and the crowds as quiet as his mushroomed ranch.  So AA here he comes it must work or he is finished.  Moved up to New York to become what he is meant to be, a voice for blindly agreeable sheep, he should be hoisted with Zinn and Chomsky.

He used his power of the mic to sneak thoughts that made people think.  The war on the “War on drugs” long before the time of the internet age. Questioning religion and the government, a soldier that was never appreciated until it was too late.  “All governments are lying cocksuckers” he said before the crowd of baby-boomers.  Mixed it in with dick jokes, playing down to their intellect.  He admired the people in history with the courage of an injured beast.  John Lennon was his idol and he would have made him proud.

Fighting for the people, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.  Questioning authority for reasons, finally becoming loud in this information age.  All my heroes are dead, Bill Hicks was right about everything.  He died of a rotting cancer as internet was introduced to the masses.  Bill Hicks was as important in the people’s history of the United States as anyone that tried to fight.  Hopefully people will remember him and his name finds it’s place in history, not as a comedian, but as a revolutionary voice of today’s people.

“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.”