I want my winter back..

weerBy: Jeroen Melis
What’s on my mind?

Maybe it’s the global warming.?

Around two hours ago I was talking with Josh Chambers about some daily subjects, nothing special to share except the fact that his garden is covered with snow already.
To be honest I’m jealous, because he has a good Wintertime,
I can almost feel the heat of his campfire,  the nice aromatic smoke.. MMMH.
Instead Josh,  I got something like Springter.. the awful combination between the rainy parts of Spring and the cold wet days from Winter.

I’m not a biologist who’s observing climate changes and animal behavior during winter times, but I was a little bit shocked when I noticed some big changes with last year and the years before.

November  2013, my own house was decorated with ice crystals, About 10 inches of snow on the empty cornfields in front of my house and the pine trees on the edge of that field… They looked so nice with their green bodies and white heads.

Every other tree was looking bold and stiff rigid.
The snow and the dry cold they left a peacefully ambiance, no twittering birds or buzzing insects and mosquito’s around my ears during the day and especially at night..

Sometimes I heard “gwak wek whak”

The goose “Akka Kebnekajse” was calling her buddies to gather together and form formation to fly south.. With their wings they waved me goodbye.
To be polite I waved back, but I knew they wouldn’t notice me for real. Who cares after all, for me wintertime is something special. The celebration of Christmas, kids playing in the snow, people being stuck in traffic jams, but no one seems to bother. And while Chris Rea was playing the song “Driving Home for Christmas”, some of the drivers were even smiling to the driver next to him or her.

Today there is no snow, no magical white dust, nothing..
Even some farmers didn’t harvest all of their cornfields.
This year I have to change my favorite song into “Last Christmas” instead of “Driving Home” Winter must be winter and not something like a cold spring or even summer.

Today… same traffic shit like last year actually everyday it’s the same problem when driving home.. But until the snow is falling.

No one seems to be in the mood to smile back at me.

I should leave my car at home and take the mountain bike.
I should walk more to Enjoy nature before the last pine trees are dried up… and got their heads burned in the sun.

I should take on a sweater instead of heating up the stove.
I should… I should…

We all should do something….

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