Waiting for the Man

February 7, 2015 kris khatchikian 0

by Kris Khatchikian “Is that him”? “No,” I whispered in an aggressive tone, “don’t point!” slapping his hand down with a quick flash. “Do you know how to act, goddamnit” This was strange territory, unfamiliar faces, a stench of previous crimes and an electricity that something illegal and possibly evil […]

Fear & Loathing at the Doctors Office

November 24, 2014 kris khatchikian 0

By: Kris Khatchikian I’ve always been taught to trust the man in the white coat. The man who has my age in experience with the human body! A true genius if one were to ask. Yet with each harassing passing day, I find myself cursing these disguised dealers that each have […]