Album Review: Owls and Lions ‘There’s a Light’

by: Donnie Casto II

New Jersey based trio, Owls and Lions might have very well fooled us all and sprung from the very shores of Ireland. Had Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, or even James Taylor’s storytelling lyrics collaborated with a lighter version of Flogging Molly, it without a doubt would have become Owls and Lions.

Jay Della Valle, Nicole DeLoi, and Kevin Walters have married an eclectic tapestry of storytelling and Celtic influence into a beautiful EP titled, “There’s A Light” that surely is to take the listener on a magic carpet ride to the emerald heart of Ireland with hearnest lyrics and a feeling that bathes one’s soul and spirit cleaner than Irish Spring soap. 

These six tracks are a roadmap through the high valleys of joy and gratitude with friends and family. They also incorporate the spiritual high hopes of blessings and keeping. There are three very noteworthy songs on this EP that are worth a deeper listen with a special attention to the raw talent of the vocals, violin, and guitar that are a staple of Owls and Lions. 

“Rainbow Roses” paints a colorful story of just how much friends, family, and children mean to someone’s every day life. Each of us is a unique color on the greater pallet of a divine painter who completes the color scheme of life. It’s truly a song of celebrating the threads of the web of life each of us are interconnected on. 

“Take The High Road” is a subtle reminder of doing just that. Despite the rocks and bumps on the path each of us walks, there is always another way. This track brings to mind the Robert Frost adage of the road less traveled often making the difference in our lives and those of others.

“God Bless You and Protect You” appears twice with the lullaby version being well worth the listen to the mom or dad who pops their head in the door at night as their child sleeps. It also works for the man or woman who feels such a blessing to see the love of their life safely in bed at the end of an exhausting day.

Owls and Lions are the Irish Coffee to stir your soul in the morning and a relaxing bottle of Bailey’s on ice at the end of day. Of the many up and coming bands I’ve listened to, this Celtic eclectic trio is definitely on my personal radar as they should be on those who truly value a substance of songwriting, storytelling, and simply good music.


  1. Rainbow Roses
  2. God Bless You & Protect You
  3. Irish Goodbyes
  4. Love & Energy
  5. Take the High Road
  6. God Bless You & Protect You (Acoustic Lullabye Version)