Sanders and Trump Don’t Stand a Chance


Hunter Thompson had it right when he said, “Politics is the art of controlling your environment.” As it stands, we have two parties with top tier demagogues using class/wealth on one side and race/religion on the other who have evidently mastered the art of environment control. Sun Tzu couldn’t have imagined his classic, The Art of War, being applied any better than it has been played out on the people of the United States of America. Before going any further, let’s keep in mind the chess game blood sport American politics has become. The American people are only given the illusion of victory. Both sides promise a heaven on earth and guarantee a utopian nirvana to whoever they can get to vote for them. In the end, both sides only utilize more government to enforce a loss of liberty and freedom to one group or another.

I predict a Trump nomination for the right wing of the giant buzzard that has become a one party system in American politics. Anyone with an awakened eye to reality would see the only “two sides” in government are the private banking interests and the military industrial complex. These two work together as an effective tag team that would put most hall of fame professional wrestling tag teams to shame. But it serves the same illusion, what you see on television between ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ guys are scripted actors working together to entertain the masses. 

Folks, Bernie Sanders, despite what the polls say, despite no matter how much your heart wishes to believe it, will not, I repeat, will NOT get the nomination of the Democrats for POTUS in 2016. Write it down. Hillary Clinton has played her part for the owners of this country and will compete against a ticket of Donald J. Trump and either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Despite the fact that Yours Dudely here disagrees philosophically with every one of Bernie’s promises stirring the kettle of class/wealth warfare, I’ll give him credit for being consistent, and he’s sincerely honest in his demagogue message. Remove the rhetoric of “Islam” and “Mexican” from Trump’s demagoguery and insert “class” and “1% wealth” into his words and the evident demagogue message becomes crystal clear from both Sanders and Trump. Consistent and sincere honesty, even from a demagogue platform are two no-no’s in the blood sport of American politics that the private banks and military industrial complex owners of this country do not want.

The old guard establishment, a.k.a the political elites who have benefited from serving their masters in Washington D.C., won’t truly buck the system. Think Bernie is truly immune from this? Let the record show and recall how the RNC fundamentally changed the rules within their own party to screw one Ron Paul out of his legitimately won delegates to hand Mitt Romney the nomination on a silver platter. Going back even further, let’s recall the last truly honest president who was booted out because his honesty didn’t serve the special interest. Does the name Jimmy Carter ring a bell? [President Carter served his full term and lost his re-election bid to Ronald Reagan in 1980]

While Ron’s message is as different as night is from day to Bernie’s, the principle fact that an honest and honorably intentioned man who truly wants to affect a change that doesn’t benefit the two party systems is going to be defeated. Such a candidate isn’t going to fly with the banking interest that creates debt with the stroke of a keyboard or the military complex that chomps at the bit to send you or your children to die for their bullshit. Warfare of any kind in today’s world isn’t about who wins or loses. Warfare is waged with the sole purpose of ensuring complete victory for the vested powers that have owned everything since 1913.

It’s truly not about American interest, it’s not about unseating a dictator (unless it’s a dictator that our government was told to install through the politically correct term of ‘regime change’). It’s certainly not about equal liberty or freedom. It’s about the acquirement of your individual wealth and submission of your natural rights for the interest of private banks and the enrichment of a military complex. Were the real issues about liberty and freedom and leadership benefitting the best interest of the American people, the rhetoric of  social class, religion, sexual orientation or race wouldn’t be the key point in the debates. The use of the No True Scotsman fallacy that has been abused in lumping all Muslims with Daesh, all Christians with Westboro Baptist, any honestly acquired wealth with Wall Street corruption, gay marriage with the destruction of the family unit, and all non custodial parents as deadbeats and criminals is the very last enlightening truth the team of banking and military industry want you awakened to.

It’s why the lotto ball pick of candidates for the puppet house of the presidency often won’t discuss it or usually will nitpick a pre-scripted talking point with their extra thirty seconds without actually acknowledging the demagogue elephant in the room. It’s why the social justice keyboard warriors for Sanders and Trump will leech on to the dividing lines. Politics is not only about control of the environment, it’s about keeping people content with the illusion of the scapegoat to pin the ills of society on while maximizing the control the masses will gladly give the government for security.

The old adage “buyers beware” should be liberally applied to the environment of American politics. It should be equally applied when demagogues with a mustard seed message of scapegoating rise to the political crème of the crop. Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump or even the American people won’t win the election. That victory sadly has long remained in the steadfast hands of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. As George Carlin so eloquently stated, “It’s called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

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