Tin Cup American Whiskey

Name: Tincup American Whiskey

ABV: 42%

Proof: 84

download (2)A nice, strong smooth whiskey with hints of cinnamon and spice. This particular brand sold me on the hexagram inspired bottle with branded glass and the distinctive Tin-Cup shooter over the cork. The inclusion of the whiskey shot gave me the impression that this whiskey was intended to be served straight down the hatch, so that’s how I took it.

The whiskey has a strong, sweet cinnamon quality followed by a pleasant after taste and smooth burn.

Its also great served over the rocks or as a mixer, but it definitely takes its pride in its ability to provide a nice warm jolt of electricity on a cold morning before heading out into the misty mountains in search of silver.

Drink it straight, with your coke or don’t drink it at all- but if its not at least on your bar, you’re missing out on an excellent upper range whiskey at a mid range price.