Notes of a Man Who Missed Harry Dean Stanton Fest 2015

Editor’s note: in keeping with a gonzo tradition started by HST when he missed the Rumble in the Jungle, covering the legendary boxing match from the swimming pool at his hotel, and echoed by Cody Decker when he wrote about sleeping through this year’s Kentucky Derby, our own unofficial Kentucky Colonel gives us another entertaining read regardless.

By Cody S. Decker
art copyright 2015 by  Ryan Moffett

I’m sure you’ve heard of Harry Dean Stanton before.  If you haven’t, take a sec to jump over to his Wikipedia page.  Don’t try to read the entire thing right now, the filmography section alone is enough to keep you occupied longer than my article here will.  I’m sure the moment his picture pops up you’ll say, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen that guy before.”  Because you have. He’s been in everything from Cool Hand Luke, to Repo Man, the T.V. show Big Love, and had a small cameo in the first Avengers movie.   He’s also one hell of a singer.  And to top it all off for me, he was the narrator for a spoken word adaptation CD of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas back in 1996.   The man has done it all and he’s still doing it… his way.  Smoking like a freight train and not giving a damn. Continue reading

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GonzoFest 2015 Documentary CoverSo GonzoFest 2015 was a huge success!!! This growing local music and arts festival honoring Louisville native and famed outlaw journalist, Hunter S. Thompson has gone from an idea for a memorial celebration at the Monkey Wrench bar to a several thousand person event featuring live music, the arts, booze, craziness and fun!

To document this progression and this unique and potent festival, Nick Storm and Storm Generation Films have put together one hell of a Crash, Bang Wallop of a DVD Documentary film featuring never before seen footage, interviews, readings and more!

Take home a part of history and take a behind the scenes look at Hunter’s GonzoVille and the and the hometown that our hero left behind in body but never in spirit.

Watch as Louisville is renamed ‘Hunter’s Gonzoville’ and the giant banner is hung in the Highlands — Hunter’s old stomping grounds.

Relive the biggest Louisville GonzoFest yet, and go inside the festival to hear first hand stories of Hunter S. Thompson along with music, poetry, spoken word and a giant Hunter puppet in downtown Louisville! Continue reading