June 6, 2016 Saira Viola 0

art by Unitas Quick Read from Chapter One  “Superman don’t need no seat belt.” – Muhammad Ali Chapter 19 As Richard made his way back to his offices at Snow Hill, right next door to the Serious Fraud Office, he smiled to himself thinking of all those number drones at their […]

jewels (a spider story)

May 19, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

Illustration: david pratt At first the spider bite felt nothing more than a pinch, but as the night went on Seth began to feel the bite take hold. He asked Emily if her bite was beginning to hurt her, and she nodded faintly, as she sat on the beat-up sofa […]

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The Short, Bitter Tale of Brother Roscoe

May 19, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

The boat sat anchored, barely visible from shore. On its deck a minister stood unsteadily and studied his surroundings – rain drizzled from above while agitated waves slapped the hull. Fins sliced through the swells nearby. Grasping a deep red, leather-bound Bible with his left hand, he raised the right […]

Chapters 16 thru 18

May 15, 2016 Saira Viola 0

art by Unitas Quick Start from Chapter One  “Superman don’t need no seat belt.”  – Muhammad Ali CHAPTER 16 Bessie had been keeping a low profile ever since the snatch at Goldman’s jewellers in Hatton Garden, but he knew it was Tony’s birthday tonight and felt like getting loaded. He was […]

Chapters 8 thru 10

May 9, 2016 Charlie Seller 0

Art by Dan Reece READ CHAPTERS 1-7 CHAPTER 8 He made a cup of tea with the three packets of sugar he’d saved from his breakfast. Filling the hot-pot, he took a good look at his eyes in the mirror and decided that they were yellower and markedly more bloodshot […]

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Death of the American Dream

March 16, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

OR: AWAKING TO MORE NIGHTMARES IN 2016 by Jeremiah Keen Strange and violent vibrations on this windy March morning. I couldn’t figure out why. Then suddenly it hit me! What were these strange looking swine type creatures jabbering on about on my tv screen? One of them had tiny beady […]

A Tale of the Troll

January 28, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

  Art by Joey Feldman by Marc D. Goldfinger Everyone gets to pay the gatekeeper. In the end we pay with the only currency that we own. The gatekeeper’s desires are simple. All he wants is all we’ve got. They call me the Troll. I’m a gatekeeper of sorts and […]

Flash-fable Cinderella Continues

January 25, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

  by Lorri Primavera Cinderella was not getting along with Prince Charming, so she asked for her old job back as an unappreciated servant. Her stepmother had died recently and she knew her stepsisters were not doing very well. They couldn’t keep up with the housework and bills and so […]

Miles to Go Before Relief

January 24, 2016 Cody S. Decker 0

Art by Joey Feldman I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist. Just the thought of sitting in the waiting room brings a cold sweat to the back of my neck. When I was younger my parents would actually have to drag me out of the car to get me inside. […]

The Big Apple, Or: Small Town Kid Meets The City

January 20, 2016 Gonzo Today 0

  by Kurt Doonesbury Portland’s unofficial slogan might be “Keep Portland Weird” but for New York it is just a mutual understanding among the locals. When you have a population of over 8,000,000 people, Weird is naturally going to be a demographic the politicians will have to cater to along […]