World Premiere of Billy Momo’s NEW MUSIC VIDEO


by: Kidman J. Williams

This is the world premiere of Billy Momo’s newest video and song, “Following Me Following You,” off of their third album “Seven Rivers Run Wild.” They may not be a household name, yet, but you may have heard their song “Wishing Ain’t No Sin,” that was featured in the trailer of the hit TV show “Better Call Saul” on AMC.

This seven piece out of Sweden has a unique sound that you will find hard to pinpoint. You can’t say that it is just rock music or folk. You can’t say it is blues or pop. The music of Billy Momo blurs the line of rock and vaudevillian slant.

This new offering from the Swedish seven is just as filled with talent, fun quirkiness, and a catchy and hypnotic beat.

The band said that “The song is our comment on the current state of the world, where increasing polarization makes people stop listening to one another. All different fractions cling to their own views of the world, never question themselves, but everyone else. Even a voice of reason will be misinterpreted and twisted into different meanings by different people. This is a very serioius matter, but in this video we have tried to illustrate the point with a sense of humor. Hope you enjoy it!”

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.