In Shades of Why

By: JB

Fertile and fueled by a rage, an age, a circumstance, time and chance…
And she screams Why, why, why?

In shades of cool and blue and orange and green and yellow and crimsons
Compelled, derailed, broken, outspoken and resurrected in the depths

And there she stands, staring, holding herself overwhelmed
She watches ….

As they desensitize, magnifying the gap, breaking and tearing her, piece by piece and bit by bit
Till all that remains is but flesh, without meaning, without rhyme or reason

Regurgitating the momentum of nation that is possession of my reflection

Trapped and enwrapped
Break free I scream
And then she screams, Why, why why?

Oh, feel my warmth, find comfort in my skin
In the soft, in the lovely, in the scars, in the ugly
In the tonality of each dear word I speak
In each waking breath I breathe

You are despised, you will be ostracized
Hated, your mind they will attempt to mutilate
To reform your form
To deaden your gaze, in haze and ash and guns and death and fear and in dumbness and numbness
To provoke and beat you
To revile and defeat you
To place you in prisons, poking and probing

And then she screams, Why, why, why?

You are the evil genius of their ambitions
You remain on the fringe, on the road to perdition
But render yourself not onto the mockery

In the silence listen

And in the blazing loudness, be mindful of their acquisitions

In shades of black and red and gold and green fueled by conviction, egotism and greed
In poisons, in filth, without soul, without heart, without care, without thought
Each person is reduced to crumbs, the multitudes
Each child they murder, in each town they bomb, in each water source they spoil, in each woman they poison rendered infertile
With each child not left behind, unable to envision more than what they provide

Fukushima pouring into the collective-subterranean watery depths, absorbed, then re-poured, and killing us in each waking breath
Hydro-fracking mutating the nation, in the no right to birth as I please, in gmo’s, no work, no home, no way to provide, driving our people to suicide

In separation of family, in dark womb of nothing

With sophisticated brainwashing, we are taught to question nothing

Operating under tyranny, suffering, inequality, bigotry and hate
Submit your mind to consider all the varying shades

Question, each hour, in each and every moment
And live my dear, fearlessly spoken
We shall live free and we shall exemplify

A stronger collective asking, Why, why, why?

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