Fear and loathing in a Police State

By Sean Brady
With the current events in New York City fresh in my mind – the Murder of Eric Gardener in Staten Island, the shooting of unarmed Michael brown in Ferguson Missouri, the shooting of unarmed Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn stairwell, the shooting death of seven year old Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley Jones, and now the subsequent killing of two New york police officers in Brooklyn – it is glaringly obvious that we are living in a police state and have been for quite some time. The ferocity of the pro-police-state attacks any dissenting voice that call for the smallest over-site of our “public servants.” We are living at the cusp of a very bloody revolution, there will be bloody protests the likes of which have not been see since the 1960s. There will be riots and the bloody beating of civilians ,who want nothing more than to believe there is a better way, by over zealous peace offices who have been institutionally programed to look at anyone who is not one of them as the enemy, the insurgent and a criminal.

The never-ending soulless news cycle will be seething at the mouth like a mad junkie at the gigantic upward swing of ratings with little regards of the human costs, The people will be ever more divided in the streets and the Military Industrial Complex will clamp down on society like a bear trap on a fragile human leg. Human rights will be suspended indefinitely for the supposed security of the working class and our streets will be patrolled by public servants in war machines with fully automatic rifles.

This all in time for the new year… the new yea,r the time of our lord two thousand and fifteen. The Conservatives will cling to their guns and ammo as the body count grows on both side,s while the liberals who are lost in this time of mad chaos will inevitably prostitute themselves to new righteous groups like the new black panther party and the workers party to feel that they are part of a larger group that will have the ability to change the system. While the reality of such things is that this is just another form of control of the weak by the strong and ruthless, these people will be exploited and used like pawns in a grand game of chess where we are all the loser.

Where is the happy ending you ask, where is the call to arms or sanity … There isn’t one. We have let the pigs and jackals go on for two long. This is nearly a scribe telling you all to the best of my ability that this is what is to come and there is very little we can do to stop it. The unchecked gathering of power in this country has reached its apex and when such a small number of groups hold so much power it is always the people who will suffer. This power they hold, the power of media to show you their perceived truth and what is right and wrong, and the occupation and force of the police state will inevitably thirst to be used until how ever long we can hold out, this thirst will reach orgasmic levels of yearning until it will be thrust upon society like a broad sword thrust into the belly of an infidel. More attention should have been paid to the words of other great prophetic scribes like George Orwell: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

With hope in my heart for the over whelming good in mankind, I hope this time of Chaos will be short lived and will bring needed change, But hope is for clergy man and children and serves little purpose in today’s world. Happy New Year.

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