A New Light in the Hunter S. Thompson Kitchen

November 5, 2015 Clayton Luce 0

originally published in Leo Weekly From Kentucky to Denver and Beyond- One Gonzo Spirit Road Trip A few weeks ago Clayton Luce (Gonzo Today publisher & Founding Editor), Nick Storm (Storm Generation Films & Pure Politics), and I (Gonzo Today Poetry Editor) took a 72-hour non-stop road trip to Denver, Colorado, where […]

An Open Letter to the Thompsons & Acostas

September 21, 2015 Clayton Luce 0

Clayton Luce 9/17/15 Louisville, KY Dearest Jennifer, Juan, Deborah Fuller & Will Thompson, and Stephanie & Annie Acosta (and RALPH OK), On behalf of the entire GonzoToday family from sea to oil-sludged, radioactive sea: There have been a lot of new and wildly significant and loved faces from Hunter’s life and […]


April 17, 2015 Gonzo Today 0

First Place Prose Winner: Gonzofest Literary Contest 2015 “Earlier I was day drinking in Minneapolis, Minnesota but my mind kept going south to a little backwoods crawfish joint in Leesville, Louisiana in David Allen’s short story “Crawdads.” The story reads like a country song written by a man with a […]