25 Family Court Questions That Need To Be Answered


1) Why shouldn’t all parents facing the loss of equal parenting rights and responsibilities be entitled to a Jury Trial? Isn’t that relationship of more value than current civil and criminal court filing thresholds for dollar amounts or risk of incarceration?

2) Why is it that upon divorce of even the most upstanding parents and citizens, one is suddenly deemed “less fit/non-primary/non-custodial” in 95% of findings?

3) Why don’t all parents convicted of certain crimes automatically forfeit custody as a matter of sentencing…why is that just for divorced ones?

4) Why aren’t married parents who fail to earn a certain level of income deemed unfit “deadbeats?” Aren’t children of married parents entitled to a support guideline if that is in “the children’s best interests?”

5) If we would find it reprehensible and cruel to ask a child of a married couple which parent they would choose to live with…why is it okay for family courts do this?

6) Why is there no “Parenting Time Enforcement Bureau”, since Custody Orders include both parenting time and child support terms, why are only the dollar support terms enforced by the State at no legal cost to one party?

7) Why do 90% of Custody Orders determine a Primary Parent, and what does that teach the children about the value of both Fathers and Mothers, and what expectation does that teach our society?
? Why don’t we presume that Parenting Time should be split 50/50 like marital assets, and what results would we see if we created that expectation for Parents Divorcing?

9) Why are there no automatic guideline penalties for violations of Ordered Parenting time?

10) Why aren’t “custodial parents” required to prove compliance of Ordered Parenting time, while non-custodial parents must prove compliance with payments.

11) Why is there no “Violence Against Men Act”?

12) Why aren’t parents deemed “primary custodians” issued specific duties with specific penalties that should go with that status in ALL Custody Orders?

13) Why aren’t couples filing for a Marriage Certificate required to submit their Marital Agreement as opposed to having one “imputed” on them?

14) Why do almost all states have criminal statutes for “interference with custody”, yet have so few convictions or documented incidents?

15) Why are Parents deemed a “non-custodial” parent of their own children, but are able to have more time with another parent’s children with a new partner?

16) Why aren’t statistical reports mandatory that would show the ratio of “primary” parents by gender, when they are so readily available for education, hiring, pay, health funding, etc.?

17) Why aren’t all parents required to submit a parenting plan with respect to parenting time to the Court in Order to receive a date, so that Courts could see which parent is most likely to respect the other’s parental relationship?

18) Why isn’t Family Court Success measured by the equality of time awarded to parents, to ensure that federal matching dollars are not an incentive to award less?

19) If it is morally wrong to give favored treatment to children, why do we institutionalize the practice of making one parent more important to a child?

20) What will be the long term political effect of pleasing one selfish parent to the detriment of an entire alienated “non-custodial family”, including grand parents, next spouses, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, cousins, and the grown children who grow to resent the marginalization of that entire family?

21) How are normal loving parents who are issued Orders to surrender their parental rights and responsibilities because of a divorce, expected to obey Orders that offend their conscience, their most deeply held religious, human, ethical, and emotional convictions? Wouldn’t they be rightful “conscientious objectors”?

22) How does requiring parents to “fight” for custody with the full range of loss on the table reduce conflict, litigation, and the likelihood of violence?

23) Considering the overwhelming volume of divorce and custody cases, why aren’t Judges the loudest advocates for an equal time shared presumption?

24) Why don’t we shorten the Name of the “Department of Women and Children Services” to “Family Services”?

25) If one parent is voluntarily unemployed and admits to being dependent on state assistance, why should 40 to 60% of the working non custodial parents income be garnished for ‘support’? Wouldn’t the logical solution be to require the parent receiving assistance to chose between either support or assistance but not be given both?


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