The Endless Bummer


by Kyle K. Mann

Ok, the debates are in the rear view. Ahead, the selection of 2016 and the Clinton Dynasty. Are we ready for Hillary?

I haven’t had the heart, frankly, to write much about this rigged farce of an election. It’s been scripted by pros to fool the rubes and has been effective. It’s been clear for decades that the majority of Americans are sheep ready to be sheared. The next stage, new repression and increasing slaughter, is being planned as you read this.

What really broke my will to write was how many decent, smart people I know bought the sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign, stolen by the Democratic National Committee. Sanders said at the start of his bogus quest that he would “support the Democratic nominee.” What more did anyone need to know?

Sanders could have made a difference by running as a Green or independent candidate. Instead, he stabbed his supporters deep.

It’s been obvious since Nov. 22, 1963, what is going on in the USA. We have been taken over by thugs, who in the last half century have pulled off the greatest crimes in the history of the human race. The stolen trillions are just a symptom.

Even Stalin and Hitler didn’t contaminate swaths of the planet with radioactive depleted uranium, aka DU, toxic for thousands of years, or dioxin aka Agent Orange, both carcinogenic and mutagenic. This will guarantee suffering for many generations to come.

And instead of concentrating on the very real consequences of letting our insane politicians, generals and CEO’s get away with this darkest possible evil we focus on trivia like Madonna offering to give oral sex to Clinton voters.


Is this who we are as a nation? A bunch of spoiled, braindead pathetic examples of how not to be human beings, laughing stupidly as we edge towards either oblivion or a totalitarian state so far beyond Orwell as to be the Endless Bummer, described by writer Harlan Ellison in “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” — a future of perpetual torment?

So what do we do now? Lobby against the next war? Work to educate the masses regarding the larger issues? Flee to distant lands?

I’ve tried all three. And I’ll carry on, fighting my rising nausea, with the first two options and using the third as needed to refresh and restore my being.

Gonzo Today, now approaching 10k likes on Facebook, will continue to be a meeting place of the like-minded; aware of our debt to Hunter S. Thompson and the writers who inspired him, prepared to create into a future that he warned would be filled with Doom.

We will actualize the thoughts, fears and joys of our humanity, because we must. It’s what we do.

And to quote Gonzo Today’s Ron Whitehead: “I will not bow down.”



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