Flight of the Empath

By: Arianne Dragoo

I feel energy in everything. Animate. Inanimate. To me, they are the same. Granted, I see beauty and design and am attracted to that, but what drives me is the energy.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all mind control on you. It is a scientific fact that things possess energy. Vibrations. Let’s face it, whether you believe in Scientific Theories or a Creator, the common denominator is energy. A great force that brought everything about. Why wouldn’t some energy be left behind? Why isn’t it possible to leave energy with things dear to us or things we have frequent contact with?

My parents didn’t raise me telling me I was special. I will turn 36 in a few months and it wasn’t till earlier this year that my mom actually used the word special. Stating that I was her “special daughter”. However, I have known since I began to learn that whatever I was, I was different. Thought different. Felt emotions differently. Spoke differently. When I was a toddler my father loved watching me charm insects. I would walk up to a fly and simply pick it up. I would catch frogs and toads with ease. Lizards too. The same way. Regularly. I grew out of this as I grew older but have since learned that I could put them in a trance. I am able to do this again. Not as consistent but I am improving.

I have cheated death numerous times. I am on my 12th life.


As an example, I went camping with a friend and her family. They were playing cards and I began to get a bit sleepy. I laid down in the tent my friend and I were going to share. I woke during the night to activity in the campsite. Not knowing what it was I began to listen intently. I soon realized that it was a bear. I also realized that I was alone. My friend wasn’t sleeping there with me. The bear must have hit the lantern because light and shadows began to sway. Then the motion and breathing started to get louder. It was approaching my tent. I was, by this time, paralyzed with fear and telling myself this couldn’t be happening. I then saw its shadow. It began sniffing the top of the tent. Making its way down. Of course my head was right there. It could smell me and no doubt smell my fear. The last thing I remember was it smelling and pushing against the tent which coincidentally was pushing against my head. Still petrified I don’t even remember blinking. Each breath shallow and silent. My hearing heightened. I shed one tear and felt it glide down my cheek and around the back of my neck. With the bear pressing its muzzle against the tent and my head, it all goes black. I do not know what happened after that. I couldn’t begin to tell you or explain it. I wasn’t there. I have no recollection. No dreams. Only dark. For those of you thinking this was a dream, night terror or sleep paralysis, that is a reasonable assumption.

I awoke in the morning still petrified. But it was morning. I had to urinate so bad but I was still afraid. I finally got the courage to raise up and reach for the zipper. I counted to three a few times before I unzipped the tent and ran as fast as I have ever ran to the campground restrooms. (Running was a strength back then) Walking back I am telling myself that I had a bad dream. It was vivid but a dream nonetheless. As I approach the campsite, I see that there were things knocked over. The adults had left food out and only remnants remained of that. I realized as people were beginning to stir that my friend slept with her parents on a mattress in the bed of their truck that had a camper-top on it. And that’s when I saw it. A footprint. I had studied tracking because again, I was different and am bit nerdy. A trail led from my tent to the grouping of trees by our site. I was 12, maybe 13 years old.

This isn’t an article of self-promotion. This is an article explaining the struggle and misunderstanding I face on the daily. Feeling and thinking on a different plane leads to apologizing and correcting misunderstandings on the regular. The ability to feel energy as strongly also leads to humans questioning and misreading your interest in them and intent. It’s not like I can say to anyone, Hey! You have such great energy, I would like to hang out with you and get to know you. I have done that. It either freaks people out because they do not understand or they think I’m coming on to them but I’m usually not. I say that because I respect the relationships (if I feel a strong connection to a male) and they are already in a great place. I don’t want to get in the way or ruin that. When I do have a serious physical interaction and it goes next level, it revives me. I am recharged. That’s when I am more likely to solve problems, new ideas blossom, my spirit is restored. I can’t really explain why or how. I am still growing in understanding and regarding the subject there is a lot of conjecture. I do know that what I experience is real.

For instance, I have helped a family’s cat. It hid behind the couch and I didn’t know it existed. On a day I was over and feeling down, it crawled out and sat in my lap. The family all looked and told me that she doesn’t do that to anyone except a few people I am the first stranger she has done that with. As I sat looking and petting her, I felt her pain. Then I felt her emotion. I was able to see the reason why she did not like the owner’s wife. (As I was petting her the family explained why she stays under the couch.) She felt replaced. I spent a few days without anyone knowing what I was doing. It was all mental interaction. One occasion she walked over to her owner and she looked at her owner’s wife then looked at me. In my mind I told her that it was alright. I told her, She loves you and wants you to be part of their life. That she was loved. I showed her (the cat) what love was. I, in a way, channeled it for her. She looked back and forth between the two of us. I told her, again in my mind, that it was ok. She didn’t approach any further. She did let the wife pet her. The following day I arrived and she (the calico) was sitting out in the open. The family said that she had been doing that all day and it was, for her, strange behavior. On that day she sat in the wife’s lap and walked over to a friend that was there and jumped in his lap. He asked, Are you seeing this?!?! I didn’t say a word but smiled at Mamma Kitty when she looked back at me.

Since I can feel so deeply, I tend to collect humans and things. Not to use and toss aside but to appreciate and assist.

I know my purpose. I have for awhile but I am beginning to appreciate it more than I ever have. My purpose is to fill the gaps. Help when I can. Mend relationships, broken hearts and broken souls. I hold to that and do what I can, when I can. There is a reason I am still on this planet and for that I am eternally grateful.

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