If I may…but maybe I shouldn’t


by David C. Philips

This past night there has been uproar in Kentucky politics. Some bigoty douchebag has been elected Governor and for some fucking reason people are shocked, surprised, and rightfully infuriated.

I’ve recently lost an Ireland Rugby club hat that was given to me by a dear friend…meant more to me than this election.

‘Go VOTE!’ ‘If you don’t exercise to vote, you’re a HORRIBLE American!’

Double fuck you all. If you think politics in the ol U.S. of A. is a legitimate business, you’re a sucker. The new Dead Weather album is a more legit attempt at ‘realness’ than real time politics and it’s borderline shit.

Par for the course…I made some snarky meme’d comment on social misery with this dick and this other miserable C. U. Next. Tuesday, and people blew up. Lesbian family came out calling me out, lib friends praising the awfulness of the picture, and the worst part is that they’re both right.

Fuck politics. Fuck governments. Fuck you.

In an effort to curb my recently acquired healthy gain of glutinous fatness, I’ve started cycling. 22 miles on Monday, 15ish on Tuesday, and today’s Wednesday morning. The only reason I share this is to reflect on the ‘logic’ of the thoughts when you’re out there struggling against your physical self and you ‘logically’ think…

  1. Dumb Brain: ‘The under carriage is a bit pained after this ride…maybe my ass will change shapes after this attempt at fitness over fatness!’
  2. Smart Brain: ‘Are you serious dude?’
  3. Smart Brain: ‘Yeah it WILL change shapes! Keep riding and that ass will get SMALLER!’

Drops mic and just gets in the shower

That self-conversation compares to this Gubernatorial election.

  1. Expect change for the ‘wrong’ reasons…
  2. Accept the obvious…
  3. Vie for the goals you have as a person…

Pretty sure if every one of us did the latter, this world we live in would be a better place…AND we wouldn’t put SO much reliance in the decisions of others.

Wake up…if I may, but maybe I shouldn’t’.


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