Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

images (1)by William Mullen

Nearing 5:00 a.m. Sleep is a rare commodity tonight, one I do not have the  privilege of. The streets of Facebook are quiet, even the Trump supporters have gone to bed.

It’s night-time in America, no school shootings for now at least. People’s dogs are sleeping. Cats are watching you sleep. What are they thinking? Are they watching with reverence, or waiting for the breathing to stop?

Dogs are dreaming of sticks, balls, and eating grass. Paws twitching. Trump supporters are dreaming of big white government, large walls, and bringing America back to what it never was. Yes, the Internet looks just like a sleeping baby. Cute, captivating, ready to barf on you tomorrow.

By now the wheels of the day are spinning round though. Russia has likely been doing what we have for 18 months now, bombing Syria. Upping the game. Putin turned 63. Hell of a hockey player. The American media machine is putting the last bits of font into the presses for the days throat shoving, fact distortion and general bullshit parade.

Bernie is up. Bernie is an enigma the media don’t know what to do with. They don’t give him Trump time, ’cause he scares the living shit out of big money. Big money. Big white government. So does Putin. Putin is like that big kid in school with the lazy eye that liked to get in fights. He didn’t care, nor does Vlad. But I digress. It’s now well past 5, the night is quiet aside from the drone of a fan. Yesterday’s news printed and read. The Donald ‘s people are sleeping, as I should be, with paws twitching.

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