You peel that whip?

By David C. Pillips

You peel that whip?

Meaning did ‘you steal that car?!’  He weaved through traffic like a damn ninja.  Speedy gonzo-no-balls.  I wrestled up next to him at the last light possible and SCREAMED ‘you steal that car?!’  He looked over into my eyes, with a teardrop tattoo under his left eye, natty short dreads, and a turquoise cap.  The Olds was black, newer model and he was owning it whether that was literal or just in motion.

The Rangers had just won Game 1 of the Eastern Division Finals.  Great dreary afternoon to watch hockey and haggle bar maids.  Had just left the pub, when this ‘asshole’ almost kills multiple people motor vehicularly.  Now fuck off…yes, I’m no stranger to the likes of authoritative punishment from the Law, even motor vehicularly, however this even struck me.

At first it was the reckless abandonment for the world around oneself on a perfectly fine Saturday afternoon, but then it turn empathetic.  Once I saw the driver of said vehicle, it struck me.  What if he’s a ‘Robin Hood’ type fucker who’s giving to the poor, feeding his family, or saving a dying relative with his actions?  Then I thought, ‘well I just Nascared this traffic to ridicule him!’  Double assholes.  My point is, you just never know.

This is a fucked up world we’re ‘living’ in.  Hell, most people don’t even ‘live’ they just go through the motions like zombies but some are living and dying for reasons beyond insanity.  Senseless war, genocide, uppity pricks for no reasons, bankrupt countries (seriously, what in the name of Jesus of Nazareth?!), environmental catastrophe…ruins.  So what now?  What are you/I/we going to do?

Most of us won’t do shit.  Most will carry on in their mundane existences, do their best to raise a brood and further their own simple beliefs, and some will take a different path.

I’d like to think I’m becoming part of the latter.  Having been running that rat race for the past years, losing myself, losing others, looking for myself, hoping to be on a path to finding myself…now I face the future with a smile.  Now, I wonder what I can do with my time in all of your lives.  Wonder what, and if, I can find and chase that which is ‘desired’.  Our definitions of ‘that which is desired’ may differ greatly on the surface but ultimately I think we all have the same goal.  People want things to be ‘better’.  For themselves, for their child-rens, for the future…and hopefully for humanity.

‘You peel that whip?’  You’re damn right I did…and I’ll keep doing it until I cut you all off and weave a traffic basket like a Californian Indian..because that makes total sense.

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