Social media and the Death of the Nation

By: Katie Callen

This worthless life we lead sitting like slobs watching people’s drama unfold is unreal to say the least.

I your fearless leader am at fault now! I come to you via face book but that’s what troubles me. Why do I sit here and watch like a helpless sheep waiting for slaughter? My brain is turning to mush as we speak.

And so is yours.

Step away!  Turn it off!  Think you idiots use the cells that where meant to be used for life. Use the thought process that evolution gave us. Otherwise there was no point in evolving to a greater being. As I sit here looking like a fool watching news feeds from who the fuck knows who.

Is it real? No!  None of it is . It’s a land of what we want people to think and feel for us. A nation of losers.

Face book is slowly draining the I.Q. of the nation;  what was once a free thinking society. Free from the politics! Now we are held captive by what others think. Rights have no meaning or reason- just paper.

Have we have lost who we are?


We have lost who we are as a nation of people. There is no further communication than text. The voice, the eyes, the body tell a lot about a person… we are missing this contact. As the communication develops and computers move forward we lose the humanity of ourselves and become automated.

Social media may be the way to find lost “friends”, and “family“, but is it the way to find you?

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