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Rehab Stories: Knives Through Hearts

By: Aramie Louisville Vas Art: Jessica Price Webb (after Edvard Munch) Last month, I entered a rehab center. It was everything you’d’ve expected it to be. Wait: what did you expect?! My bad; they are all so different. Ok. Let me start at the beginning. In April I left my current relationship and went to… Read more »

I Didn’t Recognize My Best Friend After the War

  by: Isaac McShane I saw a meme today that really tore me up. The message it sent was upsetting, along with the sad truth that our media is littered with such crap, but what upset me most was who posted it and how destitute he’s become. When you are friends with combat vets you… Read more »

Pirate Odyssey Fantastic

  by: Sammi “Mayor Gonzo” Mays The time is now. The epic begins on Nest Key, an uninhabited mangrove island off the Straits of Florida, where a fantastical band of renegades, who call themselves the Pirates of the Florida Keys, are in the throes of a party of mythical proportions. Unlike other modern day pirates,… Read more »

The Clown In Chief and the Juggalo Army March Washington DC

  by: Brad OH What is a Juggalo? The question has been asked and answered in many ways. To music critics, Juggalos are the tasteless followers of the ‘World’s Most Hated Band’, the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). To ICP themselves, it has been asked and answered in the form of a song which provides a… Read more »

Musical Love Trip to Aspen

Musical Love Trip to Aspen by Kyle K. Mann   “I hear Elvin Bishop is lookin’ for a harp player.” “Oh yeah?” I tried to act casual, but my heart was racing. Blues harmonica gigs were rare, and my money was running low. “Yeah,” the guy laughed. He knew I’d been in Beefy Red, a mighty… Read more »