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Sammie Mays Takes on a Biker Gang

excerpted from DAMN THE CARNATIONS: FULL SPEED AHEAD by Sammie Mays Typical slow Mardi Gras day at Bravo’s and with the regulars and all police attending the Pass Christian Parade-–and no vehicles in the parking lot-–it was elements made for the perfect biker storm–-when into my bar Peg Leg limped. His greasiness, gimp leg, built-up… Read more »

Hunter S. Thompson: The Champion of Fun

  by Todd Brendan Fahey originally appeared in the March 1991 issue of Fling I remember very crisply my introduction to the cult of Hunter S. Thompson. Having already broasted the front side of my body under a thin ozone layer one warm August afternoon in Santa Barbara, I traded my beach chair for a… Read more »


art by Unitas Quick Read from Chapter One  “Superman don’t need no seat belt.” – Muhammad Ali Chapter 19 As Richard made his way back to his offices at Snow Hill, right next door to the Serious Fraud Office, he smiled to himself thinking of all those number drones at their desks. What would they think… Read more »

Bruised, Brilliant and Unapologetically Raw

Jonathan Shaw cover portrait by Joey Feldman photos and additional art courtesy Jonathan Shaw   Rocker, Sage, Artist, Poet and Proud Outlaw of Our Age: This is Jonathan Shaw bruised, brilliant and unapologetically raw. Think you know Shaw? Think Again!     Saira Viola: What was it like growing up with a famous Hollywood screen… Read more »

Excerpt from “Damn the Carnations”

  “[Sammie Mays is] an exceptional writer and natural born actor who can snap onto any scenario.” –Philip Burton, Shakespeare Scholar, Writer, Director, Professor   Little Urn on the Prairie   I am a firm believer that in this life we eventually get everything that’s coming to us – good and bad. It was after breaking… Read more »

The Margaret Ann Harrell Interview

illustration: Clayton L. Luce Meet Margaret Ann Harrell whose resume includes Harrell Communications, Columbia University, and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich and the following books: “Keep This Quiet! My Relationships With Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, and Jan Mensaert.” “Keep THIS Quiet Too!” “Keep This Quiet! III; Initiations.” And in this series “Keep This… Read more »

Chapters 16 thru 18

art by Unitas Quick Start from Chapter One  “Superman don’t need no seat belt.”  – Muhammad Ali CHAPTER 16 Bessie had been keeping a low profile ever since the snatch at Goldman’s jewellers in Hatton Garden, but he knew it was Tony’s birthday tonight and felt like getting loaded. He was relieved that among the usual… Read more »