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Army of Gonzo, Part I

by Ashley Beth For through teeth grinding is the way we come in And with teeth grinding is the way we go out And if and only if The only times we truly live Our teeth are grasping all the air In us to shout?   I was flying 38,000 feet above the brown, February… Read more »

A Quick Talk with Benicio Del Toro

EDITOR’S NOTE: This  interview was coordinated by Del Toro’s publicists. Chris Dodds is not one of Gonzo Today’s staff writers or regular contributors. Interview by Chris Dodds How familiar were you with Hunter and his relationship with Oscar before you started working on the film? Just the fact that Oscar Acosta was in a picture with… Read more »

GonzoFest 2016 Preview: Bottom Sop

Photo: (from left) Amber Nicole, C.B. Mauldin , Nick Beach, Matt Thomasson, Derrick Manley If you haven’t heard about Bottom Sop, or seen them live, you’ve likely never been to GonzoFest, or gone out at all for the last six years. Since forming in 2010, the band released two full-length albums and have performed relentlessly… Read more »

An Interview with Laila Nabulsi

Editor’s Note: Gonzo Today’s Saira Viola speaks with Laila Nabulsi, the executive producer of the film, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas. Nabulsi is also known for her work on Saturday Night Live, Prizzi’s Honor and Enemies: A Love Story. Laila Nabulsi will be participating in a Panel Discussion Saturday night April 16, 9:20 to… Read more »

GonzoFest 2016 Preview: Frederick the Younger

Jenni Cochran is an ESL classroom assistant/tutor by day, and wicked singer/keyboardist for Frederick the Younger by night (unless otherwise asked to perform during the day, such as last week at the mayor’s music & arts series). In such a short time, the band managed to catch the attention and ears of the anyone close… Read more »

GonzoFest 2016 Preview: Fly Golden Eagle

By: Kidman J. Williams Fly Golden Eagle is the kind of band that most garage bands aspire to be. They have a unique expression and tone. The band’s lead man Ben Trimble is an anomaly himself. He was raised in hard rocking, Motown filled Detroit with his Kentucky religious roots and honky-tonk two-stepping. The sound of… Read more »