David Pratt

David Pratt


David Pratt is an Existential Zen Anarchist, a New England Yankee inexplicably commissioned a Kentucky Colonel, and a card carrying member of the Oklevueha Native American Church. He joined Gonzo Today in November of 2014. In addition to serving as editor, David is also responsible for many heinous attempts at illustrations on the site. 

At the Drive-In back together for tour, new music

images (1)Iconic post-hardcore group At The Drive-In have announced that they will embark on a world reunion tour in March. Tickets are on sale now for many locations. A full list of dates and locations can be found below. Additionally, the band have confirmed that they will release new music this year.


The band, which broke up in 2001, reunited briefly in 2012 with a series of shows and reissues, but haven’t performed since.

“We’re all excited to be seeing each other, to be playing in a room again, and to be making music under a new context. This is where we all came from. We have different families now, we live in different places, but these are our roots, and a true person never forgets their roots. There’s a safety in being around people you trust,”  guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez told Fuse.

Haunted Inns of Cape Cod

By David Pratt

CAPE COD, MA – Cape Cod is considered one of the most haunted regions of already creepy New England. From the ghosts of old ship captains and shipwrecked pirates to the lost souls of their women left behind, eternally gazing out to sea from their widow’s walk, Cape Cod is the setting for many tales of hauntings, apparitions and supernatural happenings.

But it’s not just old cemeteries and secluded sand dunes where the salty spirits stride. Visitors to the summer tourist destination can spend the night with some of its ghosts in the many sea captains’ homes and other historic buildings that have been converted to inns and bed & breakfasts. Continue reading

Grumblings from the Editor: Time To Take Hunter Seriously

by David Pratt

What the fuck is this shit? It’s after midnight, it’s raining, my publisher and poetry editor are whooping it up in Denver with Hunter’s son, daughter-in-law and grandson, along with Doug Brinkley, DJ Watkins & NIck Storm…and I am stuck here on the bleak and blear October East Coast with a cold wind blowing the low-tide stench through the ruffling curtains…sitting here watching some lame CNN personality pretend to be Hunter S. Thompson interviewing never-before-heard-of presidential candidate Martin O’Malley on the way to Las Vegas.

Chris Moody in your teenage neighbor’s Hunter S. Thompson Halloween get-up, driving a red Chevy convertible, picks up O’Malley hitchhiking on a desert road in an uninspired parody of The Film’s opening sequence, swooping bats, Dr. Johnson quote and all. Pretending to be a journalist.

And of course, he starts the discussion with “drug policy”…isn’t that clever, especially the offer of beer and ether declined by O’Malley. Continue reading

Stoned Poet Blues (audio)

Stoned Poet Blues (with John Coltrane’s “Spiritual”}
Recipient of the 2015 Gonzofest Literary Award for Poetry

by David Pratt


Got them nowhere going, nothing showing, no use crying, even trying,
dogsick endtime blues…

I’m out here on the edge wondering what the?
fuck to do with myself.
Darting out from under the mainstream’s crush,
Slipsliding in the slipstream of relentless Time
Like piss on the tide
pissing away
my peripheral soul a vast ocean
reaching past confinement, past
my landlocked meat stuck in Time.
Throw my head back to the moon
howl that gut, primal howl,
wailing from my prisoner soul
with an impulse to fly. Continue reading