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Demon Dogs of West Virginia [Darker Matters] E02

March 26, 2017 Clayton Luce 0

In this first special edition launching of Darker Matters we discuss exploding batteries, face eating cannibals, pregnant giraffes, the waning gibbous, yoga pants pollution and then a few stories about dog-like cryptoids in West Virginia and a few stories from back in Georgia.

Almost-Rape, American Tourists, and Pope Garbs

December 31, 2016 Teddy Fuentes 0

by Teddy Fuentes The Mexican Dream: Almost Getting Raped, American Asshole Tourists, and Nostalgia Dressed in Pope Attire. I was inside a home. This place was downtrodden but very enticing. White walls now a cream color. Brown stains like cigarette smoke made art, staining glass never meant to be seen […]


November 9, 2016 Clayton Luce 0

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM THE GONZO TODAY PUBLISHER- words & art by Clayton Luce For those of you feeling a punch in your gut that “you are out of touch and living in a bubble,” go with your gut. You were.  For those of you feeling victorious, you are next […]

I Have MPD and Am 100% Healthy

August 17, 2016 Teddy Fuentes 0

By: Teddy Fuentes The trauma that led to me creating “Steve” was sexual, imposed by a male bodied demon in the night. My youthful entwined with chemical bonds mind could not process that level of grime and self hatred mixed with Fear. Just recently I have began to heal from […]