Straight From Hell Into The Kentucky Derby

May 9, 2016 Brandon Lee 0

cover illustration by William Pollard Part I Trial by Fire – Handling Snakes in Kentucky, Marijuana & The Inbred Court System I was down from the mountains of Colorado, driving through my old home state of Kentucky with mild sounds of Bob Dylan playing the radio and the goal to […]

Black Spirit of Youth ’96 – BAT Church, Kentucky

November 2, 2015 Brandon Lee 0

  by Brandon Lee “There we are … Bats — in that church,” my friend pointed from the tracks. We were going down there to smoke pot and catch crook-backed leopard frogs, their skin so green gleaming slime wetness and transparent film glossed upper lids of their eyes as light […]


August 2, 2015 Brandon Lee 0

By Brandon Lee The car was going 107 miles an hour on the way to Los Angeles.  I had just got off the phone with a photographer about a cut-up work of about 600 pages I’d been doing on the L.A. scenes people.  Everything would be pure satire, ugly as […]

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Neal Cassady – Letter from Jail

June 10, 2015 Brandon Lee 0

A Letter from Neal Cassady, written October 23, 1944, to his friend Justin W. Brierly requests that his tabs be covered while he is in jail.  This letter hangs in downtown Denver’s oldest bar. Neal Cassady – fervent and wild for adventure – had always been a heady inspiration among […]