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The Doors- 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition review

  by Kyle K. Mann Artist: The Doors Album name: The Doors- 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Label: Elektra/Rhino Rating: 4.1/5.0 As the hype continues this bizarre year of 2017 over the 50th anniversary of all things 1967, on March 31 Rhino/Elektra released “The Doors: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition” which is meant to be the last… Read more »

Seeing Hendrix on Acid

By Kyle K. Mann The trick to coming on to LSD as you walked through the front door at Winterland was to take it at the perfect point on the drive in, which for us was the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. We made it a bit of a ceremony. It’s early 1968. I… Read more »

The Doors First Album and Mary Werbelow: 50 Years on

by Kyle K. Mann January 4, 1967: Imagine it. It’s a new year, and there is some amazing music floating around, like nothing we had ever heard before. A million light-years from the teeny bopper music ruling the airwaves. Well, Top 40 airwaves. We had an occasional alternative in the San Francisco Bay Area called… Read more »

The UFO and the New World Order

  by Kyle K. Mann Whatever was shining brightly over the night-shrouded freeway up ahead was extremely unusual and bizarre. I raced out of L.A. at midnight on northbound Interstate-5 with my buddy, Ab the Editor, riding shotgun. We were bound for San Francisco and looked to arrive a bit before dawn, cruising in my very… Read more »

Reality Quiz for Americans

By Kyle K. Mann 1)    The reason we are fighting in the Middle East is: a.    Greedy males want money and power b.    Greedy females compel males to fight for money and power c.    Because of hideous aliens with amazing powers d.    Frighteningly meaningless when viewed on a cosmic scale… Read more »


Go back to April 16 By: Kyle K. Mann April 17, 2015 Our boy Kyle from 40 years ago was crashing at this time with Hook and Rose, friends who were extremely tolerant of my homeless, carless and virtually cashless state. Four decades later, one might ask why. Looking back, people seemed a lot more… Read more »