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The Boner and the Bush: A Feminist’s Tale

  by Ashley Beth The most recent data on mild to moderate erectile dysfunction (ED) in males reports a rate of 10% of men being affected per decade of life. Meaning 30% of men in their 30s, 40% of men in their 40s, 50% in their 50s and so on experience mild to moderate ED…. Read more »

Word Bubble Bar Stool Smoting

  So I’m sitting at the bar donning my Doc Martins and all of a sudden I hear the woman at the bar stool next to me chatting up this guy who’s on his way out but this woman is trying to keep him there.  She is asking him to explain his writing career. “Basically… Read more »

It had been three very long hard days . . .

  It’d been three very long hard days, Seventy-two hours of constant stress and looking after my two kids while my girlfriend was away. While she was at a reunion for an old place she worked twenty odd years ago, I was looking forward to a reunion with both my sanity and of course her. I counted down… Read more »