GAMING | Bethesda Creation Club: Who Cares?

September 15, 2017 b1nx 0

There seems to be a big fuss over Bethesda’s Creation Club, the latest bit of content which has become available for Fallout titles and Skyrim, And I’d like to take a moment and explain why no one who plays these titles should give a shit. This article is the result […]

SHORT STORY | An Experience Driving for Uber

September 15, 2017 August Harper 0

I lost my job in the spring of 2017. After a month of depression and the depletion of my funds, I started selling my most useless, although valuable possessions. Items sold are as follows: A bicycle without a seat or innertubes, a vintage slide projector from the 1950’s, a child’s […]

EDITORIAL | Thoughts on Immigration in Australia

September 11, 2017 Peter Lane 0

  Immigration has been a debated topic for years. If you look at the last couple of elections one of the most spoken about topics was Australian immigration. Some people think we should let them in, some people think we should only let a select few in and some people […]

Drug Run | Chapters 1-7

September 9, 2017 GonzoToday 0

by Dr. Rocket with Ms. Gonzo Editor’s Note: For convenience, we will add new chapters at the bottom, and print the story as one complete narrative. The latest installment is Chapter Seven: Blowout   The capacity crowd at Wild Bill’s Saloon were wildly yet amiably drunk that late August night, […]

Fear and Loathing at Taco Bell

September 8, 2017 C.B. Bellerose 0

To start this off, you should know this particular Taco Bell has more turnaround than an anorexic roll of toilet paper in a turd factory. We’re sure of only one constant face in the establishment, the General Manager… a woman we’ve heard on many occasions belittling the staff of part-time […]