Pirate Odyssey Fantastic

March 12, 2017 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

  by: Sammi “Mayor Gonzo” Mays The time is now. The epic begins on Nest Key, an uninhabited mangrove island off the Straits of Florida, where a fantastical band of renegades, who call themselves the Pirates of the Florida Keys, are in the throes of a party of mythical proportions. […]

Sammie Mays Takes on a Biker Gang

November 5, 2016 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

excerpted from DAMN THE CARNATIONS: FULL SPEED AHEAD by Sammie Mays Typical slow Mardi Gras day at Bravo’s and with the regulars and all police attending the Pass Christian Parade-–and no vehicles in the parking lot-–it was elements made for the perfect biker storm–-when into my bar Peg Leg limped. […]

Audio Reading by Sammie Mays

June 25, 2016 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

Little Urn on the Prairie as read by Sammie Mays I am a firm believer that in this life we eventually get everything that’s coming to us – good and bad. It was after breaking into (I use that term loosely) Marion Super Max Penitentiary – scoring Sports Illustrated Best of […]

Excerpt from “Damn the Carnations”

May 15, 2016 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

  “[Sammie Mays is] an exceptional writer and natural born actor who can snap onto any scenario.” –Philip Burton, Shakespeare Scholar, Writer, Director, Professor   Little Urn on the Prairie   I am a firm believer that in this life we eventually get everything that’s coming to us – good […]


January 23, 2016 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

  Avast, Mr. Terry! Thar real pirates in them thar Florida Keys – and while they’re not nearly as good lookin’ as Capt. Jack Sparrow, the pirate population is indeed alive and thriving. An encroaching squall thwarted my usual Sunday morning snorkel trip to the Hens and Chickens Reef and […]

Mayor Gonzo’s Guide To The BVI’s

January 14, 2016 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

  Tortola, British Virgin Islands – Meanwhile back on the isle of Tortola, on Cappoons Bay, while waiting for the magic to take effect, I sat with Bomba in his shack and watched as he drew in the last of the Cuban stogie.  Yes, the caterpillar tokin’ on a hookah. Blue-gray […]


November 15, 2015 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

by Mayor “Gonzo” Sammie Mays from Damn the Carnations: Full Speed Ahead It finally happened. I have been asked to throw my straw hat into the political arena, and while I’m no stranger to politics I figure they must be running out of fools for fodder. My earliest childhood memories of being raised […]

HOW CHARLIE GOT HUSTLED [Uncut, Unedited, Untold]

October 11, 2015 Mayor Gonzo Mays 0

Editor’s note: About six months ago I bumped into Mayor Gonzo Sammie Mays online. What the hell is a Mayor Gonzo Sammie Mays? I wondered. Turns out she is a Kentucky Colonel & Honorary Mayor of Key West, Florida, a real (if not “official”) elected position and not just a nickname for […]